How To Fix A Marriage That Is Falling Apart

How To Fix A Marriage That Is Falling Apart

Saving your broken marriage can be done, even if you are the only one wanting to save it. The first thing that has to be done on your part is to make a commitment, to yourself that you will honor your marriage vows no matter what.

Make the commitment that you will honor your marriage vows no matter what happens. Often times when couples get married, we vow for better or worse, and when things get a little tough, divorce is the first option. By making a commitment to yourself you are taking the first step to make your marriage work.

How To Stop Your Marriage From Falling Apart

Saving marital relationships is not an easy thing to do. It is a difficult situation. Both parties must want to take part in the marriage and in today’s society it is hard to look at marriage the same way when so many people get a divorce but you must stay positive and hope that you can keep your promise to your spouse.

How To Fix A Marriage That Is Falling Apart

Zip Your Lips Is The Most Important Things We Can Do

This is a famous saying and actually can work in other instances than just saving a broken marriage too. We often don’t realize that our mouths have power. The things we say can bring good or bad. Learning to zip the lips and be slow to speak and quick to listen, can show us flaws within ourselves instead of focusing on flaws in our spouses. These are the bases for healthy relationships between people.

Love and Respect your Spouse

Respect and love your spouse as you are commanded and watch how much things change. Sometimes just doing what you are supposed to can bring about an amazing response from an unwilling spouse. Men you are commanded to love your wife and women you are commanded to respect your husband. Try really doing these things from your heart and see how changes begin to take place.

Find romance every day

Saving any marriage takes time and mutual respect, don’t expect things to get better right away. You are in a relationship recession and it’s going to take your effort day in and day out to revive and rekindle your love for one another. Find romance every day. Whether it’s a romantic candle-lit dinner, a back massage, or cuddling up on the beach watching the sunset, you need to put effort into the relationship.

How To Fix A Marriage That Is Falling Apart

Hold Fast And Hold On Tight

Saving your marriage is not something that can happen overnight. It takes time to fix any unresolved issues and marital problems, just like it took time to get into the mess that you are in, it takes a long time to heal. Check out the principles of restoring a marriage below and follow them. What do you have to lose?

Don’t beg, plead or pressure your spouse to be with you, this type of desperation only pushes them further away.

Spicing Things Up In The Bedroom

Save your marriage by spicing up the bedroom. Role-playing, sexy lingerie, spontaneity. If your sex life is the best part of your marriage then don’t change that, just make sure you are 100% sure that your partner feels the same way. If their not happy they probably won’t tell you so you’ll need to ask them.

Try Couples Therapy

To save your marriage for the right reasons and become a better partner seek couples therapy from a couples or marriage counselor who can tell you what problems exist in your marriage and who is at fault for what. There is no guarantee these things will save your abusive relationship but you owe it to this person that you once loved enough to tie the knot for a fresh start.

Some marriages seem to last a lifetime without much assistance. Some lucky few will find their soulmates, get married, and they’ll find themselves in a marriage that is natural and easy.

For others, marriage needs a little professional help and a bit of marriage counseling. In fact, for the vast majority of married people, there comes a time in the marriage when both parties find themselves wondering if it’s time to give up on the marriage. For some people, this point comes early on in the marriage, and for others, it takes place several years down the road when the emotional connection is gone.

When that point comes, both parties have to decide whether or not effort should be put into the marriage. After all, if one person wants the marriage to work and the other person wants the marriage to end, the result will be an end to the long-term relationship and each of you goes their separate ways.

However, in the event that both parties want to try to make a go of the marriage, there are some steps and important ways that can be taken that can definitely help mend whatever rips and tears might be found.

How To Fix A Marriage That Is Falling Apart

Understand There’s A Problem – This Is Hard Work For A Positive Change

Both parties of the married couple have to accept the fact that something is going on and the rough patch needs to be addressed. A great many people tend to want to stay in denial, telling themselves that everything is fine – or, that if things are a little rocky right now, they’ll straighten themselves out in a little while. Unfortunately, the more time that a couple spends not relating to one another, the more likely it is that there are going to be serious problems within the relationship further down the road. By keeping yourself firmly rooted in denial, you’re setting the stage for more powerful obstacles further down the road.

Get The Lines Of Communication Open And Make A Conscious Effort

Once it’s been established that there’s a problem and you have an unhappy marriage and a broken relationship, the next step is to open communications. The key to this is total and utter non-judgmental acceptance of the other person’s feelings. Too often, a person will be told something like, “You never listen to me,” only to be told, “Of course, I listen to you.”

When your partner expresses his feelings, listen carefully to what is being said. This is the point where you need to take down whatever walls have been built and take off the layers of armor that have been added through the years. Instead of being judgmental or going on the attack, understand what your partner is telling you. Listen without judging or condemning.

When the communication is flowing, it’s important to remain in the Now. Don’t think about the past and keep rehashing things that took place years ago. When you are expressing yourself, try to stick to events that have occurred in the past six months or so. The good news is that effective communication and positive interactions always works in those difficult times.

How To Fix A Marriage That Is Falling Apart

Start Saving Your Failing Marriage

How do you do that? That’s going to be an individual choice based on your emotional needs, personal needs, and different expectations. You’ll have to find what way works for you to a happy relationship. For some, it can be making sure that you let your partner know they are loved and appreciated, and cherished. For others, it’s taking on added responsibilities in the loving relationship – going a little bit further than normal.

It might help to pick up some books on relationships and try to understand the entire process. Put yourself in the shoes of your partner and take a long hard look at the way things are for them. Learn how to see a situation through their eyes, as well as your own.

Talk to the people who have survived a rocky marriage and you’ll discover two people who have grown stronger together, and closer, and who have found that with a little work and a little empathy, the healthy marriage they’ve always been hoping for is now in their grasp.

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