Honeymoon Destinations In July

Honeymoon Destinations In July

Honeymoon Destinations In July

How much should a honeymoon cost? According to Modern Bride Magazine, people spend an average of $3,700.00 on their honeymoons. The US Census tells us that the average annual income for a family of two is $61,129.00, which means honeymoons, cost about 6% of a household’s annual income.

Of course, some honeymoons cost far less and some cost far more. Many articles and brochures tell us how it is possible to have a honeymoon on a budget, and where to find the best deals or tips for lowering the expense. But, not much is written about the most extravagant or luxurious honeymoons available. So, in the interest of fairness, listed below are the best honeymoon destinations:

Honeymoon Destinations In July - Bahamas

The Bahamas For The Best Time

Breathtakingly located in over 500 miles of the clearest water in the world, they are an often-visited honeymoon location. One of the most beautiful locations is the Musha Cay Resort, located on its private island.

The whole 150-acre island is reserved for one party (honeymoon, anniversary, etc.) plus they acquired the neighbouring islands and have kept them uninhabited. Meaning as a guest of Musha Cay Resort you may go days without seeing or hearing any boats or human life. The staff of the luxury hotel is at guests’ beck and call and will arrange for virtually any kind of special event, even a private fireworks display.

Great Mercury Island, New Zealand Is The Perfect Place Any Time Of Year

The island consists of 5,000 sprawling acres that include meadows, lush pine forests, and 50 miles of gorgeous coastline with white sand beaches. The accommodations are breathtaking. The main or “up” house contains a master suite, two additional en-suite bedrooms, indoor and outdoor living areas with fireplaces, and the main kitchen. If there will be others traveling with you it also has the “down” house, which has an additional five bedrooms that includes a special children’s room with little nooks and crannies.

Seychelles Has Great Weather And Crystal Clear Waters

Located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, also known as The Lost Paradise. It is full of lush vegetation and seems to have remained untouched over the centuries. A place where sea turtles still come ashore to lay their eggs undisturbed. The Constance Lemuria Resort offers the Presidential Villa that includes a lounge, dining room, and pool on 3 levels with a deck, terrace, and an open-air bath. Outside Jacuzzi and outside shower, minibar, etc.

Honeymoon Destinations In July - Seychelles

Amanpulo, Philippines Is Great In The Summer Months

Amanpulo means “peaceful island” and is set on its private island surrounded by white sand beaches, beautiful turquoise water, and a coral reef. It is an absolute tropical haven for beach lovers. There is a chartered flight from Manila to Amanpulo. Aman Resorts have an amazing package called “Romance at Amanpulo” which is a five-night offer that includes accommodation in a Beach Casita, welcome champagne, three meals a day, plus a serenaded sunset cruise with cocktails and canapes.

Lombok Island, Indonesia For A Romantic Honeymoon

Lombok is still pretty much an undiscovered paradise with lush tropical greenery. One of their attractions is the Senaru Village and Panorama Walk, taking you through the scenic landscape of waterways, palm-fringed rice terraces, and gorgeous rainforest waterfalls. The Oberoi Resort offers tropical gardens, golden sands on a private beach, and a sparkling blue ocean. They offer a package that includes a luxury pavilion room, daily breakfast, airport transfer, champagne, one private candlelight dinner with wine, and a 60-minute spa treatment.

Mauritius Is Great For Water Sports

Mauritius- a beautiful island that looks like a small dot in the Indian Ocean. This little island has drastically developed its tourism industry and infrastructure. It has luxurious hotels, rejuvenating spas, beautifully decorated all-inclusive resorts, etc to attract tourists. But the centre of attraction in Mauritius is the beautiful beaches with white sand and blue, but crystal clear water. Scuba diving in Mauritius is the centre of attraction for tourists.

No matter what climate you visit Mauritius in you will always see the 23 diving centres that teach diving to beginners as well as the experts. These diving centres help you explore the mystery and beauty of the underwater world of the beautiful seas in Mauritius. Also, remember that diving in Mauritius is not just fun or a game but it’s an adventure.

The small island of Mauritius is home to some beautiful reefs like fan corals, soft corals, flat corals, etc. While diving in Mauritius you will get a chance to view the corals in all sizes, shapes, and colours. You can also be lucky to visit the sites while diving that have the tallest green bushes of corals. These coral reefs create rock and caves so beautifully and are mysterious that you can’t be without asking questions about them. Mauritius also has special places where that are dedicated as rock sites are Black Forest, Whale Rock Sites, Anchor, and Cathedral.

When you are diving in Mauritius always keep your eyes wide open because no matter what is the size of a coral reef it will always be filled with enormous species of fish. The corals are the home for fishes of all sizes and shapes and colors. You can always play spotting games with your friends while diving in Mauritius. Expect anything from clownfish to groupers and lobsters. Also don’t forget to keep an eye on and see the most illusive moray eel. You must know that these eels often hide in the coral reefs. This is not all you can also be lucky enough to spot the octopus and the Dorado.

What do you think that diving in Mauritius takes place only during the day? If you think so then you are wrong. Night diving is also one of the major attractions in Mauritius. You can also try visiting artificial reefs and nature reserves that have been built by the Marine Conservation Society. Pereybere Aquarium and Grand Baie are the best places for night dives and to enjoy the Spanish dancers.

Honeymoon Destinations In July - Mauritius

Belize Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Attention, all scuba divers and snorkelers: You’ve found your perfect destination, otherwise known as the Latin American nation of Belize. This tropical destination isn’t nicknamed the “diving capital of the world” for nothing; among other primo diving and snorkelling real estate, Belize is home to Ambergris Caye. This island is the gateway to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and just under 200 miles of barrier reef known as Shark Ray Alley. From whale sharks to barracuda, hammerhead sharks to rays, this vibrant underwater ecosystem teems with life.

When you’ve had your fill of underwater exploration – if that’s even possible – you can also learn about the indigenous Mayan peoples at cultural sites, take a rainforest hike, ride a raft through jungle caves, or shop in local village markets.

For easy access to prime snorkelling and scuba sites, stay at the Belize Legacy Resort. Set at the north end of Ambergris Caye, this tiny resort has only 32 rooms, but they all feature Internet access, Caribbean views, private balconies, and television. Other resort amenities include a swimming pool, private beach access, a restaurant and bar, and a dive center. The resort also provides guests with complimentary use of their bikes, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats.

Fiji Has Gorgeous Beaches And Great For Nature Lovers

The South Pacific island nation of Fiji offers a tropical smorgasbord of tourist attractions. This Oceanic country is made up of 333 islands, from large, populated islands – like the largest, Vitu-Levu – to small, private islands – like tiny Yanuca.

Speaking of Yanuca, it’s home to the luxurious Shangri-La Fiji Resort and Spa. This five-star resort’s 442 rooms offer private balconies overlooking the Pacific, as well as six restaurants and 24-hour room service. Other amenities include multiple pools, a day spa, and a snorkel-perfect location on a deep-water lagoon.

Budget-conscious travelers won’t want to miss the Vakaviti Motel and Dorm. Not only is this wallet-friendly accommodation the only lodging on Vitu Levu owned by native Fijians but it’s also got its pool and is just a short walk to Korotango Beach. Choose from private or dorm-style rooms, all with kitchen access and free tea and coffee.

Bora Bora For Your Dream Honeymoon

If French Polynesia is your warm-weather destination, stop by Bora Bora. With a scenic central mountain range, pristine beaches, lush tropical forests, and a shallow lagoon full of rays and colourful fish, this little paradise island has a lot to offer. Take a catamaran cruise and marvel at the colourful sunset, or take an island tour on a traditional canoe. The adventurous can climb Mount Otemanu’s slopes, while relaxation-seekers can browse the wares at the local markets.

You can even sleep atop the sea – literally – at the Le Maitai Polynesia Bora Bora. Set on the island’s southern end, this resort has two eateries, a lounge, beach access, and lush gardens to explore. Guests can borrow the resort’s kayaks, snorkel gear, and outrigger canoes. Request one of the over-water bungalows for an amazing tropical experience.

Honeymoon Destinations In July - Bora Bora

San Juan Islands

Just beyond the Seattle harbor, you’ll find the San Juan Islands, a set of green, jewel-like croppings across the bay. The San Juans are a short ferry ride from the coast, and offer some wonderful romantic inns, hotels, and private lodges to make your trip memorable and unique. Lose yourself in the country inns, venture into the lush pastures, or take a sailboat tour around the cliffs and bluffs for some spectacular views and beautiful places. Here’s where you can find the best of the San Juan Islands:

The Place at Cayou Cove is actually on Orcas Island, a short ride from San Juan. With its private beach, you can relax and enjoy the sunset or from your waterfront suite. The 1913 cottages have served the region with luxury amenities and European furnishings for decades. It’s one of the area’s best-kept secrets and a place you’ll want to come back t year after year. Choose from the Carriage House, the Cove Cottage, Gardener’s Cottage, or Allen Cottage. Each is distinct and set apart by trees and romantic gardens. Need an excuse to enjoy the water? Take a kayak tour, rent a sailboat, or visit Moran State Park for more lakes and hiking trails.

As you venture out to the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington, don’t forget to schedule some outdoor activities in the scenic hills and state parks. You can learn to kayak along the tranquil waters and lakes, head out for an afternoon on a sailboat, or just take a picnic at a nearby lake. The islands offer a serene setting to get you both away for a private retreat. Enjoy your visit to the San Juan Islands!

Barbados Is One Of The Most Favourite Honeymoon Destinations

Endless pink and white sandy beaches and a West Indian culture you won’t find on any other Caribbean island make Barbados the most popular Caribbean destination. Although beach life is out of this world, it has more than white-sand beaches to offer its many visitors. With a unique culture and more sightseeing attractions than most of the other islands, it is a terrific choice for romantic getaways.

Once the morning mists burn off, you will be exposed to a panoramic view of valleys, palm trees and the warm water ocean. The Bajan landscape of Barbados is one of the most majestic sights in the southern Caribbean islands. Take a scenic drive on the sunny days to visit little seaside villages, plantations, gardens, historic sites and delightful English churches, some of which are centuries old.

Known as “Little England”, afternoon tea is still a regular tradition in Barbados. This is a throwback to the British influence that still pervades the island from colonial times. Cricket is a popular sport and many of the people speak English with a British accent.

A honeymoon in Barbados is the perfect choice if you are looking for an island getaway and world-class beaches. The south coast of the island is famous for its nightlife and the west coast is the site of many resorts, but there are still areas of the island that have yet to be developed. The east coast is very tranquil and although there are many places where you can be alone as a couple, the waters tend to be rough because it faces the Atlantic. It offers cheaper accommodations than other parts of the island and has some of the most visited main attractions on the island.

There are some truly amazing and luxurious honeymoon destinations. At least one and probably several will be just what you are looking for. Have a great honeymoon!

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