Destination Wedding Gift Ideas For Guests

Destination Wedding Gift Ideas For Guests

Destination Wedding Gift Ideas For Guests

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A wedding day is one of those celebrations where gifts are almost always given. At a destination wedding, however, it is not just the couple who receives gifts. Many destination wedding guests have traveled a long way to attend the wedding, and those wedding guests deserve some gifts of their own. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant–just something to show appreciation for their attendance. These destination wedding gifts for guests will do just that.

A Good Welcome Bag Is A Popular Destination Wedding Favour

A welcome bag left either at the hotel front desk or in the guest’s hotel room is a perfect gift for guests attending the wedding. These welcome bags may be personalised with your wedding date and your name or a special picture, so your guests may keep and use them forever.

Inside, you will want to include some of the best wedding favors your guests will need, such as menus of local restaurants, pamphlets of local area attractions, and maps of the area. Or, throw in some snacks as wedding favours or other small items unique to the area. You also may want to include party favors like sunscreen if you are in a tropical wedding location or gloves if your wedding is in a snowy location. Items like this will show your guests that you want them to have a good time while they are at your wedding.

Destination Wedding Gift Ideas For Guests

Going The Extra Mile With Some Fun Destination Wedding Favours

If you have the funds, go further in your gift-giving. Consider having a bottle of wine and glasses in the room for your guests or arranging in-room massages. You may also give vouchers for meals at local restaurants or gift certificates to local attractions.

Don’t feel that you need to go overboard. This is a small gesture and a great destination wedding favour that will ensure that your guests have a great time and can participate in the special activities and places your destination offers.

Wedding Favours And Good Etiquette

Wedding favors are standard at every wedding. They are given to guests to thank them for their attendance and to give them a memento to keep forever. When it comes to a destination wedding, couples have the unique opportunity to give out souvenirs from the destination as wedding favors. This may be something as simple as a magnet, different colours key chains, or even custom shot glasses.

These wedding favors with a personal touch are perfect for wedding guests. They will be grateful for this personal gift and will have something to treasure from your wedding and their little vacation.

Destination Wedding Gift Bags Make The Perfect Wedding Favor

Destination weddings usually take place in romantic and historic places that offer a bride opportunities to express her appreciation for her out-of-town guests for coming. She and the groom can create gift bags filled with items that are remembrances of a special event and a happy time they shared. A pretty, decorated bag is a lovely token of thanks with souvenirs and treasures that are sure to please.

Destination Wedding Gift Ideas For Guests

Gift Bags Are The Best Destination Wedding Gift Ideas

At a crafts store, purchase paper gift bags with handles that reflect the colours of the wedding, as well as a satin ribbon for bows and tissue paper to insert into the bag. These can be in two or three colours. Let the tips of the tissue paper stick out from the bag by opening a sheet and pushing the paper into the bag. Write the names of the guest or guests who will receive each gift bag on large tags with a calligraphy pen and attach them.

Gift Bag Items And Wedding Favour Ideas

Shop for a variety of destination items to put into the gift bags in person, by telephone, or by mail-order catalog. These can include postcards or greeting cards, photographs of historic sites the city is noted for, cookbooks by local chefs that include restaurant recipes, tour books, or locally made jellies, honey, candy, nuts, soaps, or lotions. Luggage tags with photos or the name of the city, locally made craft items, or tickets to area attractions (time permitting) make nice gift items. Local museums and art galleries usually have gift shops where gift bag items can be purchased.

A Few Tips And Creative Ideas

Destination-wedding gift items can usually be purchased in advance of the arrival of the wedding party and guests. The city visitor centre may have a gift catalog or information on how to find and purchase items appropriate for the wedding gift bags. They may be able to suggest the name of someone who can assist the bride for this purpose, and they can have items available to be picked up by the bride (or her wedding planner) for assembling in plenty of time. The value of the contents depends on the bride’s wedding budget.

Destination Wedding Gift Ideas For Guests

Destination Wedding & Welcome Gifts

Destination wedding welcome gifts are a nice surprise for your wedding guests when they arrive at their destination. These gifts should be small but useful to your wedding guests while they are at the destination. These welcome gifts are just a little something extra to show your wedding guests that you are thankful that they made the trip to your wedding and that you want them to have the best possible time while they are at your wedding.

Necessities Are Always A Great Idea And A Practical Gift

You will want to provide your guests with some necessities they will need at your wedding. This means items such as a local map and pamphlets for things to do in the area and the special day.

More Necessities For The Big Day

You may also want to include items such as sunscreen if you are in a tropical location or a nice pair of gloves if you are in a cold location. It is about keeping your guests comfortable and entertained while attending your wedding.

Luxury As A Thoughtful Gift

It is also nice to include some luxury items with the necessities. These can include a bottle of wine, wine glasses, or nice chocolates.

Entertainment Is A Great Way To Show Appreciation

You may include vouchers for a nice dinner or massage. This is the perfect destination wedding favour. You can even include vouchers and a gift card for local activities such as swimming with dolphins, horseback riding, or ski lift tickets. It all depends on the destination you have chosen and the activities available.

Destination Wedding Gift Ideas For Guests

Packaging With Different Designs

You will want to package all of these items together nicely. Consider having some tote bags personalised with your name and wedding date. This will be a nice keepsake in addition to all of the goodies you have provided.


When you have the bags all put together, you will need to dispense them. Bring them to the front desk of wherever your guests will be staying. The desk staff may keep them at the front desk and hand them out when the guests check in or the hotel may be able to put the welcome bags in the guests’ rooms to await their arrival.

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