Destination Wedding Gift Ideas For Guests

Many destination wedding guests have traveled a long way to attend the wedding, and those wedding guests deserve some gifts of their own. It doesn’t have to be extravagant- just something to show appreciation for their attendance. These destination wedding gifts for guests will do just that.

How To Fix A Marriage That Is Falling Apart

Saving marital relationships is not easy. It is a difficult situation. Both parties must want to take part in the marriage, and in today’s society, it is hard to look at marriage the same way when so many people get divorced, but you must stay positive and hope that you can keep your promise to your spouse.

Budget Busting Ways To Plan The Ultimate Wedding

Weddings are expensive, and there is no hiding from that fact, so I can really understand why so many people are now researching ways to keep the cost down. However, there is a perception that budget means small, initiate, or perhaps means that you cut things out of your special day.

Gift Ideas For A Bridal Shower

Some people give a smaller gift at the bridal shower and a bigger gift at the wedding, while other guests simply get the couple one big gift at either the bridal shower OR the actual wedding. Whatever your decision, here are some ideas for bridal shower gifts for your friend or relative.

Honeymoon Destinations In June

The honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. June offers several ideal and incredible destinations for honeymooners, though they have to compete for good prices in many destinations since it is a popular travel month.

Bachelorette Gift Basket Ideas

Whether gathering with a few dear friends and family members for dessert, coffee, and advice for the honeymoon or painting the town red with the besties, bachelorette gift baskets make wonderful presents for a bachelorette party on that special day and the bachelorette weekend.

9 Wedding First dance songs from the ’60s

When it comes to your wedding day there can often be a lot of elements that you find tricky, and choosing your first dance song can be one of them. Many people turn to a specific era for inspiration, and if you thought the 60s were swinging then here are some of the best first dance song options from those years gone by.