Date Night For Married Couples

Date Night For Married Couples

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We usually equate romance with expensive dinners and long-stem roses. But in reality, the amount of money you put into a date does not truly make it more or less romantic. For those of us on a tight budget, this is a good thing.

We all know that date nights are crucial to a lasting marriage, and they’re especially important during stressful periods, like when money is short. The great news is there are plenty of cheap date ideas and new things a couple can do, and the best part is that you can do all of these without spending a lot of money.

Date night and spending quality time together is important for married couples, as it gives you some time away from the kids. You can have some fun as a couple, and it allows you to stay strong as a couple. All work and no play is not good for a marriage, after all. So a date night is a great way to do this!

Given the current economic recession, you may be looking for reasonably priced things to do. And the good news is that you do not always have to spend a fortune on date night to have a good time.

For babysitting, consider trading off ‘free’ nights to babysit with certain married friends. If you can do that, you can save lots of money on that end. As for the evening out and your weekly date, below are a few romantic date ideas for married couples.

Romantic date ideas for married couples

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Matinee And Then Dinner Are Creative Date Ideas

Movies at a movie theatre can be expensive, so consider going to a matinee. And check out reviews of films before selecting one. No need to spend money on a poorly made film. After the movie, enjoy discussing it over a quiet delicious meal and a great date night at the local family-run Italian place. The food at such places is often fantastic. And the prices are reasonable. Now that’s a nice date!

Coffee Can Be A Hot Date Idea

Have you ever spent a bit of time at a cool coffee shop? It can be relaxing and make for great people-watching. So how about going to a coffee shop and hanging with your spouse for a couple of hours? Enjoy a great coffee drink. Split your time between catching up on fun Internet reading and catching up through conversation. Agree to turn off your cell phones and laptops for part of the evening – so you can focus on each other.

Free Concert In The Park For Some Extra Fun

If you live in a city, you can benefit from some of the free entertainment or maybe an outdoor concert offered in city parks. Many cities offer free concert series in the summer, making for a great thing to do on date night. If your city does not offer free concerts, you are sure to find some other neat things to do and a fun way to spend your time. Your area should have some websites devoted to current entertainment options.

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Museums Are Fun Date Night Ideas

When on date night, it can be nice to escape. And this can be done by visiting a museum or going to a local play. Look for ways to support the arts in your area, and you will more than get your return on investment.

Make A Romantic Dinner At Home And A Special Occasion

Finally, sometimes it’s good to farm the kids out to their friend’s houses or relatives. Spend your date night at the perfect place – your home. Make a romantic dinner. Play some nice music. And relax with each other. Sometimes less is more, and that can be the case with a nice evening spent at home with your spouse. These are all great ideas.

Stargazing Is One Of The Best Home Date Night Ideas

Nothing on earth is more relaxing, or romantic than laying outside looking up at the stars. Deep conversations just start naturally when you’re watching the cosmos, and we chicks dig that! On a chilly night, it offers a great excuse to snuggle beneath a quilt. Check out AstroViewer, where you can print out a star map based on your location and the date. For a little friendly competition, see who can spot the shooting stars.

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Taking A Hike Is A Great Date Idea

If you prefer daytime dates and outdoor fun things, grab your sweetie and head on over to your local park for a hike. To find your nearest hiking trails, try’s, Trail Finder. Getting your heart pumping and some nice fresh air in your lungs is bound to make both of you feel healthier and happier. Guys: score more bonus points by surprising your gal with a homemade picnic lunch. Even a PB&J; and a bottle of water are sure to make your lady swoon.

Build A Campfire And Tell Ghost Stories

Campfires are fun and the best date night ideas. The conversations seem to flow easier when a fire is blazing. There’s just something a little magic that happens when you’re sitting there watching the flames. Grab a pack of weenies and some marshmallows for even more fun. If you don’t have a bona fide fire pit, you can easily build a campfire. Just stack some wood and line it with rocks. It’s really that simple. As always, obey all local ordinances and use common sense!

Go Fishin’ For A Great Time

Most of us went fishing when we were kids, but as life got busier, we just stopped going. If you don’t already have the gear, chances are you’ve got a friend who’d be happy to lend you some. Going fishing is just plain fun and a good idea, and catching even a tiny fish is exhilarating. Have a contest to see who can catch the most fish or the biggest fish, or who has the longest cast. You’re guaranteed to feel like a kid again, and all adults need that feeling from time to time.

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Veg Out With A Purpose In The Living Room On Your Next Date Night

Vegging out in your own home can be relaxing and romantic, or it can be very dull and unromantic. It’s all in how you plan it. Pick out some really old movies you forgot you even owned and snuggle up on the couch for a movie night. When you get hungry, make a nice dinner together. You might be surprised at how much fun cooking, a bottle of wine and doing the dishes can be when you work together. After dinner, try hauling out some of those old board games that are getting dusty in the back of your closet, and challenge your honey to a match.