The Fun Parts Of Wedding Planning

June 12, 2024

There are so many aspects of wedding planning that can be fun. I wanted to share with you some of them. I hope that it gives you something to look forward to if you are about to embark on this journey. 

Romantic Quotes and Common Wedding Sayings

May 23, 2023

Use romantic quotes or wedding sayings in your invitations, on your place cards, or even during your vows. Hundreds of years of wisdom have come together to give us some of the following timeless quotes to perfectly capture your sentiments on your special day.

Giving Thanks After The Wedding: Thank You Card Tips for Couples

July 22, 2022

Traditionally, couples send out wedding thank you cards to those who attended the wedding and purchased a gift. It’s an intimate way to show how grateful you are for their participation in the celebration of your love and union. While it does involve a bit of effort on your end, you’d be surprised how something as simple as a card could mean so much.