How To Choose Someone To Walk You Down The Aisle Whos Not Your Father

How To Choose Someone To Walk You Down The Aisle Whos Not Your Father

Someone To Walk You Down The Aisle

There are many reasons why a bride might not have her father walk her down the aisle, this article will give you suggestions on other people in a bride’s life who could walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.

There is an old saying. You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. There are so many of us in the world who are blessed not to have to choose at all. To find true love and to tie your life and destiny to another is the greatest blessing that any of us can ask to receive. Even the most cynical of us dream of finding that special someone and exchanging vows in front of our friends and family.

But what if you (meaning the bride) don’t have a father to walk you down the aisle? There are so many scenarios where the father may be absent from the bride’s special day. He could be deceased, incarcerated, or maybe you never even met your father before. Despite your circumstances, there are ways to make your special day, even more special. By following these tips, you can STILL have the wedding day of your dreams.

Choosing Someone To Walk You Down The Aisle

Someone To Walk You Down The Aisle

Ask a family member who’s like a father to step up for you

This isn’t a quick-fix solution. It takes an entire village to raise one child. If you are blessed to have someone in your life who is a father figure (even if they are not biologically) then this person will be quite honoured to usher you down the aisle to your destiny.

In some cultures, the mother walks the bride down the aisle

Although I have seen a few examples of mothers walking their daughters down the aisle, I think this is a great idea! If a mother has raised her daughter alone, then it would be quite fitting (if non-traditional) for her to give her greatest gift to the person she is marrying. Weddings don’t have to be traditional to be beautiful.

The bride and groom walk down the aisle together

This is special because of instead of the bride walking up to the awaiting groom, they BOTH walk up to the alter and their mutual destiny together. It makes more sense for both members of the wedding to walk to the minister or other official to show they are equally committed to their mutual destinies.

Walking alone

This is becoming more and more common. with more single mothers raising their children, and with the advent of the single & independent woman, more and more women are casting aside the traditional role of being escorted down the aisle by their fathers. I think it’s great that a woman who is strong, independent and intelligent can walk down the aisle and stand next to the person she chose without the help or assistance of anyone else.

Someone To Walk You Down The Aisle

A wedding is a time of joy & celebration. It shouldn’t be mired in traditional roles. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is small, large, traditional, or even non-conformist.

What matters most is the love and commitment that two souls have for one another. The rest is merely decoration. Whether she is escorted down the aisle or saunters solo to her destiny, all that matters is that the day fills both the bride and the groom with loving memories that will last a lifetime.