Are You Getting Married? The Only Guide You Need For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Are You Getting Married? The Only Guide You Need For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Shopping? The Only Guide You Need

Getting married and planning a wedding is an exciting time for any blushing bride-to-be. But I think one of the highlights of the whole planning process has to be choosing the wedding dress. It can certainly be a confusing time, as the number of options available these days is endless. The whole experience has become a bit of an event in my opinion. From choosing the boutique you go to, the endless flicking through magazines and research, and finally the actual trying-on session. With your favourite people and a glass of bubbles to celebrate. 

Wedding Dress Shopping? The Only Guide You Need

But let’s not forget how difficult of a decision it actually is. We are all made well aware that we’ll know when we have the tight dress on but how do you decipher that feeling? How do you know if you haven’t already found the one and you just didn’t know you had the feeling? However, it is one of the most important days of your life, and you need to be absolutely sold on the dress you wear that day.

You will look back on those photographs and even video footage for years to come. So I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the top tips and advice on choosing the perfect wedding dress for you. I hope it helps you if you are about to embark on this decision soon. 

Do plenty of research ahead of your appointments

One of the best pieces of advice would be for you to do as much research in advance as possible. This means engrossing in those wedding magazines and even tearing out pages of styles you like and collecting them. Websites like Pinterest are an excellent source of images and information regarding the styles available and the designers. You could even create a board to collect all of your images, which also works well for any other elements of wedding planning. 

What this will do will give you an idea of the styles that interest you, and even the types of designs you like. It’s always a good idea to have a bit of a clear direction on what you think would work well for you and your wedding, before attending any appointments. You may also want to research different websites that offer alternative things to consider like dressy casual attire or something that is beach appropriate if your wedding requires it. 

The Only Guide You Need For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Choose a few different boutiques and shops that stock different designers and styles

Another thing you may want to spend time researching is the stores and boutiques that are close by or where you would like to visit. It’s a great idea to check out any online reviews made by other customers to see what the experience and service were like. After all, you want to have the best possible time choosing your dress. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and choose just the one boutique. Many shops stock different designers and even have a different selection of dresses on offer, so try and see what they have available and give yourself the possible array of options to choose from. 

Choose wisely who accompanies you to the appointment

Has anyone seen those programs aired on TV called to say yes to the dress? If you have experienced them, you will know that who you take to your appointment is so important, and can even have a detrimental effect on your whole experience. For example, many brides love to have their mothers with them and their maid of honour. But some will even go as far as bringing their whole entourage of bridesmaids and even other family members and friends. The truth is, too many opinions can confuse matters. 

It’s also worth considering people who voice their opinions and perhaps have no filter on what you say. This can be quite an overwhelming time for any bride, and if you have someone who is going to constantly pick fault with any dress you wear, then it may start to have a bad effect on your self-confidence. I suppose the flip side of that argument it’s always handy to have someone who is completely truthful with you. But only you can decide what opinions matter, and who you want there. Choose wisely, as you want to enjoy the experience of wedding shopping, and not feel disappointed and downhearted about it. 

The Only Guide You Need For Choosing A Wedding Dress

How far in advance should you start shopping?

It’s important to give yourself plenty of time to choose your dress, so many brides to consider shopping around a year in advance. This offers plenty of time to choose your dress, order any specific style from the designer, and then have plenty of time for fittings before your big day. Some women even see this as one of the first things they want to sort before choosing other factors for the big day. It also helps you to save on the cost of the dress. While you can get dresses to suit all budgets, you may still find that it could be the most expensive dress you have ever bought. 

Try on every style, even if you don’t think it’s the right one for you

Once you have chosen who will accompany you and the day of your appointment comes closer the excitement will start to build. Once you are in the boutique, it’s easy to feel bombarded with so many choices and be unsure of what to actually try on. The best advice anyone can give you is to not discount any wedding dress style. What you think will look good and suit your figure, may not feel as you thought when you try it on. The same could be said for not wanting to try on a certain style because you fear it won’t look right, but you may find it could offer you a pleasant surprise. 

Trust the person who works in the store, they will have dealt with countless brides and have a lot of knowledge on styles. They may even be able to offer recommendations for you based on your type of wedding and what you think you want thanks to your extensive research. 

The Only Guide You Need For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Consider alternative options if you want something unique

You may have your own individual style that you want to encompass in your wedding dress. The thing about your wedding is that it is your own personal choice. So if you have a more unique style then don’t be afraid to acknowledge that in your choice of wedding dress.

We have far passed the traditional white wedding dress, and people are choosing all sorts of alternative options. From different dress colours to lengths and styles there are plenty of options to choose from. The best advice is to trust your style and be happy with your individuality. You want to feel comfortable on the day and beautiful, not false in a dress you are not completely happy with. 

Don’t get pressured into making a decision straight away

Don’t feel like you have to make a decision the moment you feel that feeling. You may feel different about it in the morning, and it’s also worth trying on a few more to ensure that the dress really is the one. It’s a big decision to make, and no one expects you to part with your hard-earned cash straight away. 

Trust your instinct

Finally, the best piece of advice you will ever receive is to trust your instinct and gut. No matter what people say if you think that this dress is the one for you then go with your heart. After all, it is you that wears it and nobody else. 

Lastly, make sure you enjoy the experience of shopping for your wedding dress.