Amazing Locations Perfect For A Honeymoon

Amazing Locations Perfect For A Honeymoon

Amazing Locations Perfect For A Honeymoon

After the rollercoaster of planning a wedding and the overwhelming emotion, you will feel on the day. It’s good to have something to look forward to. This is why booking a honeymoon is an essential part of planning your wedding. You need that time to relax and appreciate what you and your now husband have done. So I thought I would share with you some amazing locations that would be perfect to book for a honeymoon. 

Amazing Honeymoon Locations for the Perfect Getaway

Amazing Locations Perfect For A Honeymoon - The Maldives


Antigua is an island in the West Indies that is in the Caribbean region. The island offers some of the best beaches that the Caribbean has to offer. Along with warm hospitality and some great attractions. If you just want to relax and soak up some sunshine, then this location is for you. There are some beautiful small and intimate hotels to consider. The hardest decision would be what cocktail to order. 

The Maldives

Possibly one of the most popular honeymoon destinations The Maldives has it all. The Maldives are a collection of tropical islands in the Indian Ocean. They are well-known for their beaches, their blue lagoons, and extensive reefs. You could even stay in a water villa, where you will be at one with the beautiful blue sea. It can be the perfect choice if you want to seclude yourselves away from the rest of the world. 

New York

Perhaps sitting on a beach isn’t your thing. If that’s the case, then why not consider it one of the most happening cities in the world? New York has amazing shops and fantastic sightseeing opportunities. You could spend your days wandering the streets of New York, heading into all the shops. You could then take a trip up the Empire State Building. Don’t forget there is Central Park and the Rockefeller Centre as well. This is a great choice if you like to keep busy. 

Amazing Locations Perfect For A Honeymoon - Barcelona


Why not head to one of the most romantic countries there is? Italy has many places to consider. From the romance of Rome to the wonderful food in Naples. You won’t ever be bored exploring this country. Italy not only has amazing cities to enjoy but also, Lake Garda and Lake Como are quite a sight to behold. 


You may want to choose a holiday of a lifetime. If that’s the case, then Australia may just be the ticket. This is a good choice if you can spare a few weeks to do some exploring. There is the coffee capital of the world, Melbourne. The iconic sights to see in Sydney. You could even snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. There is so much to do and see that one holiday may not be enough. 


Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of the Catalonia region of Spain. Full of wonderful streets with amazing cafes and restaurants to enjoy. Plus if your new husband loves football then a trip to the Nou Camp might go down very well. It’s a great choice for a honeymoon that is a little different. 

I hope these locations inspire you if you have a honeymoon to book soon.