Ideas For Wedding Favours

Ideas For Wedding Favours

Alternative ideas for wedding favours

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While wonderful, weddings are stressful and expensive experiences. There are a number of ways you can cut costs, however. One such area is the wedding favours. You don’t have to give your guests pricey gifts to make them happy. A simple, personal or fun gift will serve the same purpose and save your pocketbook quite a bit.

Alternative ideas for wedding favours

Alternative ideas for wedding favours

Lottery Tickets

Having a Vegas wedding? The one-dollar scratchers are a fun, inexpensive and rewarding gift for your guests. You can place them in clear envelopes, coloured vellum envelopes or even in custom made envelopes with your names and wedding date. The look for less? Buy pretty envelopes and sticker paper. Create a monogram or design with your names and wedding date and print stickers. Peel them off and place them on the envelopes. You suddenly have custom envelopes to go with your exciting wedding favours!

Homemade cookies or candies

Who doesn’t love homemade cookies? These would be a treat and there are so many options as to what you can do with them. Cut them into shapes like brides and grooms, wedding bells, rings, and so forth. Frost them with decorations or write out your names and date on them. The possibilities are endless!

Any Variety of Boxes or Bags

Get a pretty box or bag, put a monogram sticker on it or have it printed on, fill it with any kind of goodie, tie a bow and there you go. One of the most inexpensive ways to go and it’s so easy to do. A stress-free wedding favour.

Custom Bookmarks

Are you a reader? A teacher? Custom bookmarks could be a really sweet and personal gift for all those there to support you on your big day. You can make your own or have them professionally printed. Either way, it’s still a great budget-conscience choice.

Alternative ideas for wedding favours

Playing Cards

If you’re a game fanatic or a poker fan, playing cards might be a fun gift! Guests of all ages will like this wedding favour and it’s something they’ll surely use.

Framed Photos

Most people love photos. You can give everyone a photo of the happy couple in a very cost-effective way. Get copies made at a Walmart or Target photo centre or online even, then go to the pound shop and buy frames. It’s something that everyone will treasure and certainly remember. If you’re a little shy about giving away photos of you there’s another option. Have the frames contain the place cards so everyone knows where to sit. Then if you get some good photos of your guests you can mail them to them and they already have a frame!

Mint Tins

Like fresh breath? Give everyone mints. Customised mint tins are available through numerous online retailers. They’re a refreshing gift. Easy and economical.


Want to share your favourite music with your friends and family? Create CDs for all your guests. Easy to create and burn, the hardest part is designing the labels. There are several programs and label makers available at Walmart and Target, among others, that make this quick and painless. Once again, a stress-free wedding favour.

Good luck planning your wedding!