What Your Husband Should Wear To A Wedding

What Your Husband Should Wear To A Wedding

What your husband should wear to a wedding?

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Wedding season is in full swing, so there is no surprise that many of us have our weekends booked up for wedding parties and such. Women have the problem of deciding on what to wear to a wedding. It can be a minefield of figuring out themes and colour schemes, just to avoid any drama of clashing or wearing any of the wedding colours.

What your husband should wear to a wedding?

But what about men?

Are there the same things to consider?

Absolutely. This is why I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some ideas on what your husband should wear to a wedding. Or perhaps what you should at least consider. I hope it helps you. 

What your husband should wear to a wedding?

A suit will always be a good choice

When it comes to what to wear to a wedding, we think of it being a formal occasion. So it’s no surprise that the most popular option for a man is to consider wearing a suit. It’s smart; it’s formal. But these days you can consider a more tailored look to give the outfit a modern edge. These days you don’t have to stick with the boring black or navy suit. There are options that include striking blues or fresh plum colours. All of which can transform the look. It’s worth considering a tailored suit for the best fit. 

Make sure their appearance is polished

I appreciate that many of us have a few wedding engagements to attend. So sometimes a new complete outfit isn’t just going to cut the budget. This is why it’s worth making sure that you make the best of what you have. This means things like footwear should be polished. Shirts should be steamed or pressed. Even considering getting different suits dry cleaned to give them a fresh feel.

Those little details can make a big difference. It’s not just about the clothes either. Their overall look needs to be polished. So perhaps a quick visit to the barbers the day before, or making sure that they look there. 

Consider details that will coordinate your outfits

Some couples like to coordinate their outfits. Which I think makes for a quirky look. So consider some of the ways you do that. Perhaps taking inspiration from the colour of your dress. That could then match the tie your husband chooses or the pocket square he has in his jacket. The pictures you get could be great. 

What your husband should wear to a wedding?

What type of wedding is it

The main thing you need to consider is the wedding. Is it a really formal affair or is it a more relaxed vibe? If you are not sure, try and speak to the bride or the wedding party. This means that you don’t run the risk of turning up being overdressed, or subsequently underdressed for the occasion. 

Consider ways you can dress it down 

Finally, many weddings have a relaxed party feel in the evening. So consider ways your husband could dress down his outfit in the evening for comfort. Perhaps opting for a short-sleeved shirt under the jacket. Or add a waistcoat so that when the jacket comes off there is something different about the look. 

I hope this helps you decide what your husband should wear to a wedding when the next wedding invitation arrives.