Giving Thanks After The Wedding: Thank You Card Tips for Couples

Giving Thanks After The Wedding: Thank You Card Tips for Couples

Wedding Thank You Card Tips for Couples

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There’s no doubt that couples dread having to prepare and send thank you cards after the honeymoon. Depending on how many people you have to thank, it could take a while to get it all done. Be that as it may, each person on your list took time out of their lives to attend your elegant wedding and celebrate this moment in your life. The least you could do is show how appreciative you are.

After all the planning, stressing, and waiting, your wedding day was a dream come true. You and the love of your life expressed your innermost feelings as you joined together in marriage before the people you care for the most. Now that your special day is behind you and the honeymoon has come to an end, it’s time to let your friends and family know just how much it meant to you. 

Wedding Thank You Card Tips for Couples

Traditionally, couples send out wedding thank you cards to those who attended the wedding and purchased a gift. It’s an intimate way to show how grateful you are for their participation in the celebration of your love and union. While it does involve a bit of effort on your end, you’d be surprised how something as simple as a card could mean so much. Below are some tips to make this project more manageable. 

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Open Gifts and Cards

Before you begin working with the notes, you need to know what you’re thanking your guests for. That means you’ll need to go through each of the gifts and cards you received on your wedding day. Your spouse should keep a list of which person gave you which items because you’ll need this information later when drafting your message. 

Avoid Generics

While you can find a pack of thank you cards at a local pharmacy or retail store, this isn’t the way to go. The cards are sold everywhere, and all have the same messages and images imprinted on them. When your guests receive the cards, it shows just how little effort went into thanking them. As this isn’t the message you want to send, it’s best to go with customised wedding thank you cards instead. 

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Select The Right Image

Once you find the ideal vendor for your wedding thank you cards, you’re ready to begin customising them. Most companies will allow you to choose from several thousand templates to choose a design, font, and layout. If you’re not interested or want to do something more personal, you have an option to upload your own images. 

You can use one of the photographs from your wedding photographer or a candid shot that was taken on your wedding day. You can also go with a monogram with your initials on it or an image you used when designing your invitations. 

Write a Message

The next step is to create a message for your thank you cards. While you have the option to use a pre-written message, writing your own makes the card more intimate. When coming up with what to say, ensure that you include each guest’s name and the gift they brought. You can add a few details about why you wanted the present and how much it means to you. Lastly, thank them for attending your wedding ceremony and reception and sign the card (using your new last name, of course). 

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Address and Send

After you’ve finished writing personalized notes, all that’s left to do is address them and mail them out. Some vendors will take care of this process for you using the addresses you provide. If not, it’s best to get customized labels with your name and address along with the recipient’s addresses and apply them to the envelopes. Trying to write all that information down over and over is sure to put a cramp in your hand. Then, add the postage and put them in the mail as you don’t want to send them out too late. Now would be an excellent time to send presents to those who may have gone above and beyond.