Do You Want The Ultimate Summer Wedding? Then Here Is Everything You Need To Consider

Do You Want The Ultimate Summer Wedding? Then Here Is Everything You Need To Consider

selective focus of candlesticks on table with wedding set up

A summer wedding is high on many brides’ wish lists. There is just something about holding your special day in the sunshine. Even possibly celebrating outside, which has many brides feeling excited. It’s why, for many suppliers, the summer months are classed as wedding season and tend to be the busiest time of year for them.

If you are just starting out your wedding planning then congratulations. The amazing journey of wedding planning is laid out before you. So if a summer wedding is what you are hoping for here, then this little guide is for you. Here is everything to consider when planning a summer wedding.

Organise A Summer Wedding: Things to consider

Organise A Summer Wedding: Things to consider | woman holding white and pink roses bouquet
Bride holding white and pink roses bouquet

Think carefully about your venue

Your venue is so important, and one of the hardest decisions you need to make when it comes to planning your wedding. There is so much to consider. The space, the layout, and the whole look of the place. When considering an outdoor and indoor summer wedding venue you need to tick many boxes. aIt needs to be big enough to hold all your guests. You need to know exactly what you want from a venue, and that will help make your decision.

Decide on whether accommodation is important, and whether you need them to supply catering options. There is a lot to think about so don’t rush into this decision. Once this has been sorted the rest of the planning will fall into place. 

Have you got a theme in mind?

The next thing to think about is whether you want a theme. Some brides stick with Summer as a theme as well as the time of year. So they bring in floral accents or choose brighter colours. A wedding, however, is yours to make what you want of it, so if you want a theme then have one. Some popular choices have been sticking with colours, a favourite film or taking a place as inspiration. The choice is yours. 

Make sure your colour scheme fits

Another thing to consider would be your choice of colour. Again, you can have what you want, but most Summer brides tend to stick with brighter and more vibrant colours. Ones that suit the season you are marrying in. This can then be taken through into bridesmaids’ dresses and choices of flowers. 

Organise A Summer Wedding: Things to consider | person holding a bouquet of white roses
Person holding a bouquet of white roses

What about the flowers?  

On the subject of flowers, it would be highly recommended to check what flowers are in season during the Summer. You may have a favourite flower, but it might not be available during those months. The best advice would be to do some research on Google. 

Think outside the box with the little details

Finally, try and be a little creative with some of the finer details. A summer wedding means you have many options available. This could be outside drinks when you serve cocktails – a his and her choice could be available. It might mean garden games for the kids or a more laid back meal instead of something formal. 

I hope this guide sets you on your way to planning an amazing summer wedding.