Unspoken Rules To Help You Plan Your Wedding

Unspoken Rules To Help You Plan Your Wedding

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Wedding planning is stressful. It can often seem like the simplest thing to do. After all, you and your partner just want to commit to each other, don’t you? But the hard part is the actual planning part because there can be a lot to think about, the unspoken rules you are yet to discover and the outside factors that end up being far more involved than they need to be. Know what I mean? So I wanted to share with you some of the unspoken rules to help you plan your wedding. 

5 Unspoken rules to think about when planning your wedding

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Remember it is YOUR day

The one thing you have to remember is that it is your day. The wedding is about you and your partner, and perhaps your children if you have them at this stage, but that’s it. We can often forget this point and focus on what we think others would want or how others will feel. This is important because, of course, you want your friends and family to enjoy the day. But try and always come back to you and your partner. It is your day. 

Don’t be pressured with the guest list 

There can often be a lot of pressure with the guest list with many people wanting to be involved, especially your parents. You may find that they ask if they can add their friends to the wedding, or perhaps insist on certain people being there. This is where the guest list can get out of hand. Make sure you take time to agree with your partner on the maximum numbers and ensure that you invite everyone you want there. If there is any room left then feel free to add others to it. 

Try on different wedding dresses 

Wedding dress shopping can be a little stressful. After all, it is a big purchase to make. So make sure you take time with this. Try on as many different dresses as you can. Even styles you think won’t suit you. The more you try on, the more it will give you a chance to figure out exactly what you want and like. Plus it is a lot of fun. 

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It is an opportunity to express your personality 

Your wedding is a chance for you and your partner to express your personality, so don’t be afraid to do that. If you love particular colours, incorporate them into your wedding day. If you like particular music make sure you include it. The more you showcase your personalities, the more it will be about you and your partner. 

Life after the wedding 

Finally, the one thing you might not consider with your wedding planning is what life will be like after the wedding. Not the fairytale bit, the admin side. Will you change your name? Do you need to get passport applications done? What will your marital finances look like? Will you share or keep things separate? These are discussions that you need to have to ensure that you are both on the same page. 

Hopefully, sharing these unspoken rules will help you plan your wedding.