Got A Formal Occasion To Go To? Here’s What You Need To Know About What To Wear

Got A Formal Occasion To Go To? Here’s What You Need To Know About What To Wear

Formal Occasion to attend? Here's what to consider

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Summer is the season that your event calendar can fill up quite nicely. There are weddings to attend, BBQs and fun garden parties to enjoy. So it means that you have to think about your formal occasion wear and make sure you have everything you need. In preparation and for those last-minute invitations.

Formal Occasion to attend? Here’s what to consider

These guidelines can work for males and females as we both equally need to look our best at things like this. So I thought I would share with you what to consider when you have a formal occasion to attend. 

Formal Occasion to attend? Here's what to consider

Consider the outfit

One of the first things to consider would be what outfit you are going to wear. For the ladies, this may be as simple as choosing between a dress or trousers. For the males, it might be even simpler as to whether you wear a full suit or something a little more casual. I suppose this would depend on the occasion you were attending and if there was a dress code in place. Thankfully you can check out websites for coupons to help bring the cost down. 

Weddings tend to want a more formal dress code unless the wedding itself is a more low key affair. Whereas BBQs or other events during the summer may mean you can wear something a little more casual. 

You need comfortable but stylish shoes

Whatever occasion you are going to the likelihood is that you will be on your feet for a long time. So having comfortable shoes to get you through the day or night will be essential. For women, during the summer, this means wearing sandals. They can either have a heel or not it is up to you.

Men can opt for a sailor shoe or may still have to wear a more formal choice. Some outfits and occasions may even mean you could wear canvas shoes. It all depends on what you are wearing and where you are going. The best way would be to try and wear your shoes in your home before the big day. To ensure that they are comfortable. 

Formal Occasion to attend? Here's what to consider

Are you going to coordinate with your partner?

A lot of guests at events now try and coordinate with one another. This normally means that the gentleman wears a tie or pocket square in the same colour as their female partner’s dress. Or each one of you picks up the colour in each other’s outfit. This can look great for photo opportunities and can work well. It is more of a personal choice though so it’s best to decide in advance if you are doing that. 

Don’t forget the all-important accessories

For males, this might be as simple as a tie or pocket square. Whereas for the females amongst us, the accessories can play a big part in a formal outfit. This is anything from the choice of a bag they take to the jewellery they wear. Sunglasses, however, will be an essential accessory for both of you, especially if you are outside for a lot of it. 

I hope this helps you sort your outfit out for a formal occasion. 

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