Bachelorette Gift Basket Ideas

Bachelorette Gift Basket Ideas

Bachelorette Gift Basket Ideas

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Whether gathering with a few dear friends and family members for dessert, coffee, and advice for the honeymoon or painting the town red with the besties, bachelorette gift baskets make wonderful presents for a bachelorette party on that special day and the bachelorette weekend.

Create a theme for the perfect bachelorette gift, inspired by thoughts of the honeymoon suite or the site of a destination wedding, and select a container based on the motif. Consider adding one or two fun gifts that can be opened and enjoyed right away by the bride.

Party Girl Basket Is One Of The Best Bachelorette Gift Idea

Assemble a glittery tiara, a mock wedding veil, a pink bride-to-be sash, and an oversized button bearing a funny saying about bachelorettes or marriages. Arrange the items in a sparkly silver or pink purse that can double as the bachelorette’s primary gift bag for the evening. Encourage the bride-to-be to wear the various wedding gift items throughout the night.

Bachelorette Gift Basket Ideas

Naughty & Nice Basket Is A Great Idea

Fill a fuzzy, leopard-print makeup bag with adult goodies for the couple’s honeymoon. Make selections based on the individual bride, such as a box of European chocolates and a bottle of Champagne or a pair of edible underwear and mini bottles. Include massage oils, luxurious bubble bath soap, aromatic candles, matches, and a CD of sensual music. Add adult toys or DVDs for more adventurous bachelorettes.

Hangover Remedy Basket For The Bride Tribe

Prepare the bride-to-be for the morning after the bachelorette party by stuffing a plastic bathroom caddy with hangover remedies. Include aspirin, pain relievers, bottled water, vitamin C, a gift card for a greasy-spoon breakfast, a cold compress, ear plugs, and a pair of inexpensive movie star-style sunglasses. Throw in a small stuffed animal clutching a picture of the happy couple for an additional touch.

Pretty Panties Basket Make A Great bachelorette Gift Idea

Ask the whole bridal party to bring one pair of pretty panties, lacy thongs or another undergarment to be arranged in a basket. Roll up the bachelorette goodies and group them by colours to make a flower shape or other attractive pattern. Make sure to include the bachelorette’s size in the invitation.

Bachelorette Gift Basket Ideas

Honeymoon Basket As A Practical Gift

Give the bachelorette a basket full of items to help make her honeymoon special. Include aromatherapy candles in the bride’s favourite scent, body lotions and massage oils, chocolates, matching robes and bedroom slippers embroidered with the bride and groom’s names, and a CD of romantic music. This is a gift the bride likely will appreciate because there is a good chance that, with all the wedding planning, she didn’t have much time to prepare for the honeymoon.

Naughty Basket For The Bachelorette Bash

A naughty bachelorette basket can contain gag items or things that will be of practical use for the bride and her husband-to-be. Options to consider include a pair of naughty dice, sex toys, furry handcuffs, a whip, edible underwear, lingerie, and naughty games. A basket like this one can get the bachelorette party going.

Wedding Survival Basket Is A Useful bachelorette Gift

Prepare the bride for anything that could go wrong on her wedding day with this meaningful bachelorette party gift. Include safety pins, hairspray, breath mints, water bottles, deodorant, hairpins, Band-aids, and other items to help ensure a smooth day. The bride is sure to appreciate a gift that will help ease her mind for what can be a nerve-wracking event.

Bachelorette Gift Basket Ideas

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts Ideas For The Bridesmaids From The Bride

Being a bridesmaid represents an investment of time and money. Therefore, don’t wait until the last minute to select a gift for your bridesmaids. Think about each individual and choose items that reflect her tastes, hobbies, and preferences. If you haven’t already picked out gifts, don’t worry. There are some very easy bridesmaid gift basket ideas that you can personalize.

A Theatrical Note Basket Makes A Unique Gift

Assemble a basket based on the genre of movies a bridesmaid likes best. Alternatively, have specific actors, actresses, or directors as the main theme for the meaningful bachelorette gift. Give her DVDs that fit that theme, or present two tickets to a nearby cinema or live theatre so she can unwind after the wedding and take a friend.

Pamper Me Basket For Your Best Friend

Gather together some of the bridesmaid’s favourite makeup, skin cream, beauty care products, essential oils and nail polish along with a soft bath towel and washcloth in her favourite colours. Add some bath salts, hand-crafted soap, and a gift certificate to a spa weekend where she’ll receive pampering befitting a queen. Just take care to avoid any aromatics to which she’s allergic; lavender is a common irritant.

Bachelorette Gift Basket Ideas

Jammin’ Cookies Basket Is A Popular Option

Make some homemade jam and jellies for your bridesmaids. You can pick flavours you know they love, and decorate the jars in your wedding colours using cloth and ribbon. Along with this bundle, include butter cookies, natural peanut butter and/or artisan bread, and a jelly spreader.

Hobby Baskets Make The Best Bachelorette Gifts

Create a gathering of items based on a bridesmaid’s pastimes. Does she love to cook? A chef’s basket could contain new spice grinders, a trendy cookbook, creative storage containers, and a gift certificate to her favourite kitchen store. A bridesmaid who is a chess player might enjoy a timer, a portable chess board, and a book of strategies.

Beverage Bundles Make Good Bachelorette Party Gifts

Pick out gourmet tea, coffee, cocoa, or wine gift baskets for each bridesmaid, focusing on her tastes. Accompany the herbal tea sampler with a special tea cup, tea crackers, and a tea cosy. Pair the coffee with a hearty mug, a fresh coffee cake, and gourmet creamers. Alongside the cocoa, offer a chocolate stirring spoon, marshmallows, and a box of truffles. With the bottle of wine or the mini champagne bottles, add two glasses for sharing and a selection of cheeses.

Bachelorette Gift Basket Ideas

Bachelorette parties, typically thrown by the bridesmaids, celebrate the bride’s last day of freedom. Whether it’s a wild night of the party girls on the town or a relaxing day at the spa, no party is complete without a special gift. Gift baskets always are a great option for a special occasion.

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