Alternative wedding entertainment ideas

Alternative wedding entertainment ideas

Let’s Talk About Wedding Entertainment | a people cheers together

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many different things that need to be considered. This includes everything from your wedding gown to the people that are going to be invited. Needless to say, wedding entertainment is one of the most critical factors. With that being said, continue reading to find out some great wedding entertainment ideas.

Alternative wedding entertainment ideas

Cool alternative wedding entertainment ideas

Hiring a wedding magician

If you’re planning your own or a loved one’s wedding, never discard the idea of hiring a magician. Head to Forbes to find out about some of the world’s most famous ones. Here is an outline of different times to incorporate a magician into a wedding schedule.

Wedding magicians can be hired as part of the itinerary for the wedding breakfast. This is a great idea. Short magic can be used during the main meal of the wedding as a way of creating a buzz around the dining hall and getting the guests more loosened up and talkative with each other. These sets from your magician are usually broken up into ten-minute routines and comprise short tricks of the close-up variety.

One of the most popular times to have a magician working the room is during the photos and canapes. This takes place after the wedding ceremony itself and during this one to two hour reception period people will often be having photos taken. It is an ideal time to raise the atmosphere and get some funny and lively photos going, all helped along by various tricks and photo ops from the magician themselves.

Magicians can also be hired for the entire wedding and so have some entertainment ready to break out in the evening. This is especially useful if you are expecting late arrivals or think the wedding dinner may run on quite late, as this valuable entertainment will leave all guests feeling included and having a good time.

Wedding Band

Aside from entertaining your guests by making them laugh, you also need to think about music for the big day. A lot of people hire a DJ, but you need to decide whether you want to pay for a wedding band as well or not. Head to the Alive Network for some more inspiration regarding this.

A wedding entertainment band can be the perfect icing on the cake, and you can have the band perform your first dance song for that extra special touch. In terms of the band’s setlist, you probably won’t be able to have full control over this, but you will be able to make some requests. A lot of bands have song lists, so you will be able to select from this.