6 ways to jazz up a white wedding cake

6 ways to jazz up a white wedding cake

white fondant icings and champagne flute glass

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Your wedding cake is one of the details of your wedding day that you can often overlook. After all, it is just a cake, isn’t it? Wrong! This is your chance to have something that is so much more than just a white wedding cake. It can showcase your personality and play an integral part in your day. There are many different options to explore. What should it look and taste like? How many tiers should I have? One flavour of sponge or maybe two? Perhaps even three? Get creative. So here are some of the ways that you can jazz up a white wedding cake. 

Make a white wedding cake perfect for your wedding

6 ways to jazz up a white wedding cake - close up photography of cake with flower decor
Close up photography of a white wedding cake with flower decor

A theme

Firstly, you need to think and decide on a theme for your cake. Think about the season you are in as you could have different ideas for a spring cake versus what you might like if your wedding takes place in the autumn. If you have already ordered your dress, you could get some inspiration from there? There may be a design or pattern on the dress that you would like to incorporate into the cake.  If you are having flowers at your wedding, you could have them displayed on your cake to show the continuity of your wedding day theme

The size of the cake

A simple white wedding cake is elegant, and if you like the idea of that then why not make a difference with the size instead? One big factor to consider is how many guests will be attending. After all, you want to ensure that you have enough cake for everyone. However, if you like the idea of a small and simple wedding cake, then why not have cupcakes for everyone else instead? Or have the white wedding and go large with it. Plenty of tiers, and lots of sponges. The size can be the wow factor. If you want something a bit different you could also consider a square shape instead of the traditional round cake? 

Colour scheme

If you know the colour scheme already for your wedding, then you need to think if you want to have the same on your cake as well. Take the base colour first (the colour you love the best) as you can then incorporate other colours whether they be bold or a more neutral tone to give it that softer feel. Do you want the colours of the bridesmaid’s dresses or maybe the flowers? Maybe, you want to be unique and it doesn’t follow suit with the rest of the wedding. 

6 ways to jazz up a white wedding cake = a person slicing a wedding cake
Couple cutting into a white wedding cake

Different coloured sponges

Finding the right cake maker who will bring your vision to life is essential. Once you have found someone, they may ask you your preferences of sponges, whether it be maderia, chocolate or maybe lemon. There is a wide range of choices and you could have a taste test first. The date of your wedding may play a vital role when deciding on your sponge. You might also like the idea of having the sponges a different colour. For example, adding different food colouring to the cake mixtures could help to create a very vibrant cake once you have cut into it. 

Fresh or artificial flowers

There are lots of different things to think about when it comes to the flowers on your wedding cake. Budget is one of them. If you are thinking of having fresh, then a good tip is to use leftover flowers from your floral decorations so that your cake then matches and there isn’t any waste. The one thing to find out from your florist is that some flowers can be toxic and can’t be used on a cake but they can steer you in the right direction with this and maybe offer a better alternative.

If you are thinking of artificial flowers then a popular option is cloth or silk flowers. These can be found in a craft store or on the internet. Your colour scheme will help you to determine which type of flowers you want. The season in which you are having your wedding will also play a factor as if you are looking at fresh flowers, then certain flowers might only be available at certain times of the year.

Unique cake toppers

The cake topper is a way you can really inject your personality. These days you can commission someone to make a cake topper that looks exactly like you and your partner. You can also buy traditional figurines that can sit on the top tier. However, there are no boundaries and it is your day. You could have words such as “Happily Ever After” or “Mr & Mrs”. Maybe even your new family name. Pinterest will be a great source of inspiration here. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you to jazz up your white wedding cake.