Choosing a wedding date

Choosing a wedding date

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December or May? Spring or Fall? So many things go into choosing a date for your wedding and although it might seem like an easy task, sometimes it can be tricky.

You’ll be asked often about your wedding date when you first get engaged and many couples become overwhelmed trying to decide quickly, so there are a few things that will help you along in making that very important decision.

Things to consider when choosing a wedding date

Things to consider when choosing a wedding date

Decide what time of year feels best to you and your groom

If you both hate the winter, you probably should avoid the colder months. If you feel like you sweat too much, keep mid-summer off the table when choosing your wedding date. Go with your first instinct when it comes to choosing the date. If you love the fall, then you can narrow it down to a few months. If you have always wanted a spring wedding, then you also have a smaller time frame. If nothing hits you right off, then you can move on to the next point.

Envision the wedding of your dreams

Do you see yourself being married on a beach? If so, maybe you do want a summer wedding, or maybe you’d rather do a destination wedding on a warm island during the winter. If you picture yourself being married outside and walking down a garden path, then spring and early summer might be your choice. Or maybe you’d rather pull up to the church in a horse-drawn carriage. Winter could be your best bet. If you don’t have a feeling about any of this yet, try my next tip.

Say it with flowers

Many brides carry bundles of roses, but some just have to have bunches of sunflowers or peonies, which will limit the months that you can easily get these flowers (without great expense and trouble). So maybe deciding on your flowers will help your circle that special date on the calendar.

Things to consider when choosing a wedding date

Avoid holidays

Unless you have always wanted a Christmas wedding (or Easter, or Valentine’s Day), avoid holidays like the plague. It is always tricky for people to plan around weddings that are booked during holidays. They usually cost more for the bride and groom due to venue availability and people often have other plans. Try talking with your families to see if they have any problems with a holiday wedding (the same goes for long weekends).

Your climate rules

If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow in the winter, think of your guests that might have to travel from out of town. This could be really difficult for them and if there is an unexpected snowstorm, many guests might not be able to attend, and you’ll still have to pay for the headcount. Expensive and stressful for many involved.

Things to consider when choosing a wedding date

So, when you are trying to choose a wedding date, think about many things before making that important decision. Of course, it is up to the both of you in the end, but a little advance thought could make your lives a lot easier when going ahead with your plans.