DIY Homemade Wedding Favours

DIY Homemade Wedding Favours

DIY Homemade Wedding Favours

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Little things make big differences in a wedding. Increase the “Wow!” factor at your wedding and save money by personalising your wedding favours. Be creative; design and make your own favours. Guests feel special and important when they see obvious time and effort went into the wedding favours meant for them. Create beautiful, meaningful DIY wedding party favours.

Choosing homemade wedding favours

The theme and setting of your wedding affect the type of wedding favours you make. Decide how fancy or how simple you want the favours to be. Because they are seldom edible, make your favours a few months before the wedding and store them until the big day. Let these ideas jump-start your creativity.

DIY Homemade Wedding Favours

Seed packets

Outdoor weddings compliment a nature theme. Buy packages of flower seeds that are special to you. Sweet William, Forget-Me-Not, or state flower seeds from your fiance and your home state, or flower that you love will give them special meaning. Create an adhesive tag with your name and wedding date and place it across the package. Glue a colourful ribbon to the top of the package. Place them in a basket or scatter them around the tables.

Small bottles

Small bottles with a stopper are perfect for making a beach wedding favour. Fill two inches of the bottle with coloured sand. Add tiny seashells on top of the sand. On parchment paper, write a note to thank your guests for joining you. Make an adhesive label with a seashore picture stating your names and wedding date to adhere to the front of the bottle. Close the lid and tie a ribbon around the top.

Cookie cutters

Snowflake cookie cutters with a card tied on are perfect for a winter wedding. Put a personal message on the front of the card with your names and the date. On the back of the card, print a sugar cookie recipe.

Sweet jars

Candy jars are just the thing to pass out at your spring wedding. Small jars with stoppers can be decorated with an adhesive label bearing your names, the date and a picture the compliments your wedding theme. Order M&Ms with a picture of your fiance and you and fill each jar. Tie a ribbon around the jar and attach a thank you card.

DIY Homemade Wedding Favours

Souvenir DVD

A souvenir DVD slide show with pictures of the bride, the groom and events leading up to the wedding is a great wedding favour. Play songs from the wedding in the background. On the cover, put a copy of your engagement photo, your names and the date. A simpler form of this gift would be a CD with pictures only.

Place cards

Place cards that serve as wedding favours add a special sweetness to the entire affair. Print out guest names on small adhesive labels. On a larger adhesive label, print out a note with a thank you, your names and the wedding date. Place the guest name on the top and the note on the bottom of a Symphony candy bar. Start the note with something like, “Our life symphony began today. Thank you for joining us.” An alternative way to use candy bars is quite simple. Stack three or four small chocolate bars and tie them together with a ribbon. Attach a note to the ribbon.


Homemade, miniature, heart-shaped bars of soap add a special touch. Tie several soaps in tulle and tie the tulle closed with a ribbon. Write a note to the guests and punch a hole in the top left corner. Tie it on to the ribbon. An alternative would be to make a regular-sized bar of soap and drop heart-shaped stones in to the bar as it hardens. Just visit your local craft store and purchase glycerin soap bars that you can melt in the microwave.

The number of DIY party favour ideas for one-of-a-kind gifts is, seemingly, endless. With a little imagination and effort, your party favours will reflect the beauty of the bride and groom.