Bachelorette Party Destinations On A Budget

Bachelorette Party Destinations On A Budget

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Bachelorette weekends can be a great way for girlfriends to bond even when there is no wedding or main event, although this is usually the reason why friends get together in this way. Choosing the best bachelorette party destinations and planning inspiring activities while leaving some unplanned time are all important to make sure your special weekend is an event to remember.

Choose Your Time And Place, And Book It

Contact all the girls on your list at least two months before the event to find out what weekends they are free and what they like to do. It helps to have a list of questions in front of you if you don’t know each guest personally, which is often the case with large bridal parties. The question can be, ” What sports do you like to play?” “Do you enjoy board games?” “Are you interested in spa services?”.

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A very important consideration and a good idea here is each girl’s budget. Expensive air travel may be out of the reach of some, and it would be a shame to leave them out. Sensitively ask about the budget with each person to determine what would be workable, unless this is a paid outing as part of a bridal party expense.

Another great place to probe indirectly is how sensitive each girl is to games and content that is risque in nature. What may be fun to one girl could be offensive to another.

Choose the bachelorette party destination weekend that can accommodate most of the girls on the list, if not all. This sometimes requires some juggling and callbacks to see if prior commitments can be moved. Be flexible, and understanding.

Review the list of interests given by each of the guests and the maid of honour and try to determine commonalities. If all the girls like spa services, then a local spa would be a great idea (that is if it is near local nightlife where meeting men would be a possibility). If everyone likes to golf, then a country club weekend would be a great idea.

A weekend at someone’s home can also be memorable if budgets are tight. DIY spa treatments, games, and even a visit by a male stripper can help keep the event exciting.

Shop on the Internet for the best rates for hotels and airfare if you are going away. If you are staying local and plan to go to the bride’s favourite restaurant and then bar hopping before retiring to someone’s home, then plan to rent a limo so that your evening can be more enjoyable. Be sure to set up tee times if applicable, and male strippers, spa, and/or restaurant reservations at least two weeks before the event. Air and hotel travel should be booked at least one month before the event to get the best rates. Book the best deals you can find for all rental services.

Log into on the Internet, and create an invitation for the party. Be sure to describe what each guest should bring, where to meet (enter the address and Evite will create a map), what to wear, and roughly how much it will cost. If individual girls will be responsible for airfare, send a separate email letting each guest know the best deals you have found with included links.

Bachelorette Party Destinations On A Budget

Spice It Up With Popular Bachelorette Party Destinations To Have A Great Time!

Bake a fun cake for a memorable weekend conversation piece. Cake pans are available in a variety of risque shapes and sizes, the most popular featuring a key part of the groom’s anatomy. If some of the bridesmaids would be offended by this type of cake, then a more traditional wedding shower cake decorated with silk flowers or other bridal symbols can be substituted.

Find fun games to play. Simple board games such as Sorry or Life are great, but there are also many games designed just for bachelorette parties. Wedding party trivia games, Pin-the-organ-on-the-male, and naughty-shaped pinatas are just a few of the many games you can play to keep the excitement flowing.

Keep food plentiful. If you are holding your event at a hotel or offsite location, arrange to have plenty of finger foods such as veggies, cheeses, and chips to absorb the alcohol. If your event is held at a restaurant before going to a private home, arrange to order appetizers at the restaurant and have finger foods available at your final bachelorette party destination. This can prevent wedding day hangovers or other embarrassing events.

Plan for nonalcoholic drinks as well as alcohol, this is another way to make sure the bride is feeling well enough to walk down the aisle on her big day. Bottled waters, soft drinks, and “mocktails” are all good ideas.

Have contingency plans in case anything goes wrong. Keep in mind the movie, The Hangover – and make sure that one person is designated to keep an eye on the others so no one gets too drunk or wanders away from the group. Have backup games in case a stripper doesn’t show up or game pieces are missing.

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Tips & Warnings For Affordable Bachelorette Party Destinations

  • If someone you didn’t anticipate being offended has a hard time with the activities chosen, arrange to have some good clean backup activities they can participate in on the side.
  • If someone gets too drunk, be prepared to 86 them and have a place for them to sleep it off
  • Do not, under any circumstances, let girls who have had too much to drink try to drive home!

While some brides prefer a low-key bachelorette party in their hometown, others want to let loose in a big city before they tie the knot or just get away for a relaxing girls’ weekend to calm their nerves. Get together with all the ladies to decide on an idea and a bachelorette party destination. Would your friends enjoy a relaxing spa weekend or a wild, crazy night out? Would you like to do touristy things during the day or would you rather be pampered and shop? Make a plan and start packing.

Party Towns For Your Road Trip Are So Much Fun

South Beach in Miami may be the perfect place for your Miami bachelorette party weekend if you’re looking for some sun and some sips. recommends choosing your hotel rooms between 5th and 16th streets, near popular nightlife and swanky restaurants, so you won’t need a car. Try The Tides South Beach, between the 12th and 13th streets on Ocean Drive. The Tides offers spa services in your hotel room or suite and also poolside. From manicures to massages to facials, this hotel can serve up a day of pampering.

The top-floor, 2,000-square-foot Tides Suite has 360-degree views of South Beach. Nikki Beach, a popular destination for a bachelorette trip with gorgeous beaches, is the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon. Head upstairs to Club Nikki for a wild Saturday night. The beach club/night club offers delicious fare, from lobsters to sushi, during the day along with VIP bottle services in beach-side cabanas, then brings in some of the best DJs on South Beach to get everyone up and dancing when the sun goes down.

Don’t forget to hit the champagne bar. If you’re looking for a fun spot for dinner on Friday night, make reservations at Opa, a Greek restaurant with loud Greek music, great drinks, and people dancing on tables. Another popular destination for bachelorette parties is the quintessential party town, Las Vegas – the ideal place for nightlife options in the United States and a great bachelorette party destination for all of your best friends.

Check into all-inclusive packages, such as the one at Mandalay Bay, to give the girls a better idea of how much dough will be required for the weekend. Enjoy the best restaurants, free activities and the party scene Vegas has to offer. And don’t forget the most important thing: have fun!

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Wind Down With Wine Is The Best Place To Have A Good Time

Some brides-to-be just want to relax and choose to do bachelorette weekends ideal destination in a tranquil setting. A trip to Napa Valley in California, also known as wine country, will let you sip some wine and unwind far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Try Mount View Hotel and Spa’s “Where the Boys Aren’t” weekend girls’ getaway, which includes a hydrotherapy bath, a massage or facial, a bottle of wine, a spa-to-go goody bag and a classic chick flick with a complimentary tub of popcorn.

Mount View Hotel also offers transportation fit for a queen to the local wineries. Choose from a town car, a limousine, or a white vintage convertible. While in Napa, also consider a hot-air balloon ride over the vineyards. If you’re looking for an East Coast destination for wine tasting, try the Connecticut Wine Trail. It’s one of the best bachelorette party ideas.

Consider A Cruise For The Whole Group

If your bachelorette party members range in age from early 20s to unmentionable numbers, consider a cruise. If you’re with a larger group, you can split up. If the younger crowd wants to hit the pool, the older ladies can enjoy a walk around the ship or shop in upscale boutiques.

Royal Caribbean International may be your best bet for the perfect bachelorette party destination, as these cruises provide adventurous outdoor activities such as zip-lining through the ship, rock climbing, and high-dive acts and low-key options such as many different stage shows, miniature golf, and movie theatres. Just make sure to get together for mealtime so everyone gets to enjoy some time with the bride-to-be.