Church Wedding Flowers Ideas

Church Wedding Flowers Ideas

Church Wedding Flowers Ideas

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One of the most important components of a wedding is to choose the wedding flowers and floral arrangements. You want to find the best flowers for the big day at the best price possible. You may want to consider finding a friend or family member that can help you make the arrangements for the wedding day, so you can save money.

Wedding floral decorations budget

First, you need to have a wedding floral decorations budget so that you know exactly how much you can spend on flowers. You may be able to use a wedding planner or a wedding florist and they will do everything for you including arranging the flowers for the wedding theme but they can be very expensive. If you are on a budget then you want to shop around for flowers and compare prices.

Next, you want to search for discount floral wholesalers. There are many places where you can get great flowers for your wedding but at a discounted price. In some cases, they will make you the arrangement for a small extra charge. You can also get flowers and make them yourself to save money.

Church Wedding Flowers Ideas

Why Flowers are important in a wedding

Flowers for the wedding are very important because it is going to be the first thing your guest see when they arrive at your wedding. You want to make sure that you allow enough of a budget to get everything you need. Saving money can be achieved when you find discount flowers and get your friends to help you make the arrangements.

Remember that finding great wedding flowers for your wedding venue is possible to do. You can find flowers on any type of budget so do not worry that you will be sacrificing great-looking flowers if you do not have a large budget. You may need to do most of the work putting them together but it will be well worth it in the end.

Those are some tips on how to find your fresh blooms for the big day but what about the flowers that you will need for the church? Let dive in!

How To Arrange Church Flowers The Elegant Way

Check with your church leadership for rules or traditions that may not allow flowers to be placed in certain areas. If you are a guest renting the space for a traditional church wedding be sure you read the contract well. Many churches have stipulations on what you can place in the church, the church entrance, the church altars and on the church doors .

Plan to fill a vase, container, or basket that is at least six to eight inches in diameter. The space you are working with is larger than a living room, so your flower arrangement will be large, as well. A single rose might look nice on a piano or organ but will be dwarfed in a large sanctuary/auditorium.

Arrange Your Church Wedding Flowers For The Occasion And Personal Style

Keep the area balanced and symmetrical when placing the flowers around the room. A single vase can be placed on a piano or the centre communion or altar table. Two small vases can be placed on opposite sides of the room. A third vase is placed in the centre. After using five containers or more, the flower large arrangements are scattered throughout the stage area. Step to the back of the room to examine the overall effect.

Church Wedding Flowers Ideas

How To Arrange Your Favourite Flowers In A Container For An Elegant Look

Arrange the individual containers of flowers with floral foam in the bottom of your container. This green foam holds water and anchors the arrangement. It is available at craft centres and should be cut to fit your need. Floral tape is handy when a stem bends or breaks. It is wrapped around the broken piece and will secure your stem.

Insert the main large flowers of your arrangement, first. An odd number of one, three, or five flowers will look best. After five, any number of flowers is acceptable. Calla lilies, chrysanthemums, and white rose blossoms are all choices for large flowers. If you choose smaller flowers, arrange many of them to fill the space.

Fill in the floral displays with lush greenery leaves, baby breath, and smaller flowers the size of daises or rose buds. Trailing vines make the piece seem larger by spilling out of the container and filling the surrounding area. The arrangement is not limited to a spray of flowers in a vase. Gladiolas and irises are tall flowers that add height. Ting ting, a man-made embellishment, and other silk flower parts are purchased at craft stores. They add punch to the arrangement and make the piece seem larger.

Church Wedding Wedding Flower Arrangements & Reception Ideas

For years and years, flowers have played a large role in the decorations for wedding receptions. Flowers are beautiful no matter the season and tend to add natural, soft, and elegant decorations wherever they are placed. They can be used everywhere at the church. wedding reception venue from the centrepieces and the cake to the gift table and the buffet line.

Church Wedding Flowers Ideas

Flower Types And Most Common Wedding Flowers

The type of flower you decide to use in your wedding and traditional church setting will depend a lot on your wedding colours, your budget, and the season.

  • Seasonal, local flowers are usually cheaper than out-of-season flowers. Spring flowers include lilies, lilacs, tulips, daffodils, cherry blossoms, peonies, and more. Summer flowers include black-eyed Susans, daisies, roses, sunflowers, lilies, hydrangeas, and more.
  • Fall wedding popular choice flowers include roses, Gerbera daisies, ornamental berries, chrysanthemums, and sassafras, according to the publication.
  • Consider using winter wedding flowers such as dried flowers, evergreens, fruit blossoms, hydrangeas, roses, forced bulbs, seedpods, and tulips.

Flowers As Simple Decorations For Your Marriage Ceremony

The reception ideas can be based on your colours and the flowers you select for your wedding. Why not use flowers as your main decorations? Some ideas for this include placing wedding bouquet holders at the head table and having the bridesmaids place their bouquets in them after the ceremony. This is the perfect decoration for your head table.

Church Wedding Flowers Ideas

You Can Also Use Flowers As Your Centrepieces

Try getting tall skinny vases and placing single-stem beautiful blooms of Gerber daisies, roses, or sunflowers in them. You can also use a wide shallow bowl filled with water. Cut the tops off of a selection of flowers such as daisies and sunflowers and let them float in the water.

Another idea is to purchase foam squares from a craft store and cut the stems of seasonal flowers at different shorter lengths. Stick the stems in the foam arranging the longest stems in the centre and the shortest on the outside. Use green vines and silver wire to complete the look. For this centrepiece, make sure the foam is completely disguised.

Additional Floral Touches For The Floral Composition

You can use flowers to decorate your wedding cake, your gift table, and your buffet line, too. Simply sprinkle seasonal flower petals down your buffet line to spruce it up.

Try cutting the stems off of seasonal flowers and having your cake decorator incorporate them into your cake decoration as statement pieces. You can also place vases of fresh flowers on your gift table for a nice touch.

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