Bachelorette Party Survival Kit List

Bachelorette Party Survival Kit List

Bachelorette Party Survival Kit List

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The Bachelorette Party is an American right of passage. It’s also more recently become a night of debauchery and raunchy games. Here’s how to throw the perfect Bachelorette Party and a girls’ night out and how to create the perfect Bachelorette Party survival kit too!

What Type Of Bachelorette Party?

First, determine what type of bachelorette parties the bride is up for. The party wonít be fun if your conservative bride is uncomfortably covered in **** stickers. Remember, this party is for her and your best friends! Also, consider who will be attending. Will the bride’s mother, future in-laws, grandmothers, aunts, etc be coming along too? If so, they may not appreciate the male stripper you’ve hired to pop out of the closet. Also, consider what the bride and groom may have agreed upon as appropriate entertainment for their respective parties.

Bachelorette Party Survival Kit List

You’re Going To Need An Agenda

Where is everyone meeting? Are you eating dinner at home? Going out to eat? You’ll need safe transportation. Renting a limo or party bus is a great idea for a Bachelorette Party, not only are they fun, but they also provide safe transportation for attendees. Make reservations at said restaurant, comedy club, or happy hour, you don’t want to get somewhere with a bunch of people and not be able to get in!

Set Aside A Set Time For Gifts And Let People Know

Will it be at the restaurant? At the meeting point before the party gets started? This may also be a great time to play some bachelorette party games. Also, let attendees know if there will be a dress code. Will there be a colour everyone should wear? A theme?

Finally, you’ll have to tally up how much this whole evening is going to cost. The modern trend is to ask each attendee to pay a portion of the costs for their attendance at the bachelorette party.

Make sure everyone knows how much up front, what is included, and when the money needs to be paid. In no circumstance should you allow someone to attend that will ‘pay you tomorrow’ if you don’t know them very well. Nobody wants to pay for something that’s already happened! Don’t forget to have a great time at the bachelorette party, planning a party is a lot of work, but with the right planning your party will be a success and fun will be had by all!

An example of what you can have in a wedding day emergency kit that also works for a bachelorette weekend party.

Murphy could not have been any more right when he said, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” It is the law and we have to learn to adapt and make the best of it. However, just because things do not go as expected or hoped for does not mean that one of the most important days of your life is ruined. That is why there are bachelorette survival kits.

Bachelorette Party Survival Kit List

Bachelorette Party Survival Kit List


Snags, tears, and giant rips happen to dresses on any fun night. A sewing kit is essential to your bachelorette party survival kit. Not just any sewing kit. Make sure the thread matches the dresses and you have additional fabric. Remember to include fabric glue and a few safety pins in your hen party survival pack as well for really fast fixes. For the fastest way to fix a torn hem, an old trick is to include duct tape. Ask any man – if duct tape can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed.


As tears flow, make-up runs. Water-resistant makeup and makeup remover wipes are a must. Have your make-up artist include the best correction products for the type of make-up you and your bridal party will be wearing. Make sure that those products are easy to use and that you know how to use them if any of the makeup artists will not be at the bachelorette party or you are not skilled in correcting make-up problems.

Stockings and Shoes

Remember to include extra stockings in your bachelorette day emergency kit as well as a shoe repair kit. Instead of lugging around a giant shoe repair kit on the big night, I suggest shoe polish and super glue. If polish and super glue can’t fix it, another pair of shoes is needed. Of course, when possible, have an extra pair of shoes.

Bachelorette Party Survival Kit List


What hair products should be included in a bachelorette party emergency kit? Combs, hair ties, brushes and (the strongest) hair spray will usually cover it. For those who will be wearing their hair up on the special day, remember to include plenty of bobby pins and combs. Curling and straightening irons should be part of the “regular hair kit.” Be sure to speak with your stylist (if unavailable for the wedding) to get the scoop on which products and accessories will work best with the different styles and hair types.

Medications For The Whole Group It’s Not A Bad Idea

Medications should be included in your bachelorette hangover kit. These would include water bottles, cough suppressants, a pain reliever, and anti-nausea medications. Do not use any medications on the big day you have not used in the past so you know what kind of potential side effects to expect. I do not recommend anti-anxiety medications unless they are normally taken.

Negativity should be checked at the door

Although attitude can’t be put in a bachelorette weekend emergency kit, it should be carried in the hearts and minds of everyone involved in the party. Negativity should be checked at the door and only positive thoughts allowed. With few exceptions (such as death), few things can truly ruin your bachelorette party and wedding day.

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