Unique Ways You Can Make Your Wedding Memorable

Unique Ways You Can Make Your Wedding Memorable

Make Your Wedding Memorable: 4 Things to consider

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Memorable weddings are one of the things people strive towards these days. Brides want their day to be amazing, they want their guests to have a fabulous time, and enjoy themselves, but most importantly they want to enjoy their special day knowing they are having one of the best days of their lives.

So how do you do it? How do you make your wedding special? Aside from it being about the pair of you getting hitched and committing for life, there are ways you can make your wedding day unique and memorable. I thought I would share with you some of the ideas to consider. 

Make Your Wedding Memorable: 4 Things to consider

Make Your Wedding Memorable: 4 Things to consider

Think about the entertainment

When it comes to wanting your day to be unique there is no better way than adding entertainment options to your day, and the lucky thing is that there are so many ways you can do it. Many people consider a DJ at night, but why not take it one step further and have a band as well? There are wedding bands that can give you up to two and a half hours of live music and bands tend to really get the party started.

Also, things like singing waiters during the meal are becoming ever more popular, as well as solo singers. You could also think of other entertainment for the afternoon or evening such as dancers or a magician perhaps. As I said, so many options to consider so do what feels right for you. 

Add personalised touches

Maybe you like the idea of adding personalised touches to give your wedding day that unique feel. This could be specific favours for people, advice cards where people can write their words of wisdom to you as a couple, an unusual guest book, or even starting out a more unique approach with homemade place settings and invitations. 

Make Your Wedding Memorable: 4 Things to consider

Go against tradition

Why not boycott the traditional wedding altogether? Of course, I don’t mean the ceremony side of things, but who needs to sit down for a traditional wedding breakfast when you could have street food vendors serving up an array of dishes or just enjoy some of your favourite foods like pizza. Another unique touch could be to have a choreographed first dance, either just as the two of you or getting the whole bridal party involved. There are some great ones to watch online. 

Create more opportunities to capture the day

When it comes to capturing the day, no doubt you have hired a photographer to capture all of those group and traditional shoots of you as a couple, and perhaps they are even staying on to capture a little bit of the party, but why stop there?

A picture says a thousand words, and it can be one of the best ways to capture more memories from the day, of even parts you were not directly involved in. This is when photo booths can really come into their own. You might also want to think about adding Instax cameras which are like Polaroids for people to snap their own pictures, or the good old-fashioned disposable cameras could also be a great option. 

I hope this has offered up some inspiration for some of the unique ways you can make your wedding memorable.

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