The Bachelorette Wedding Tradition And How To Make It Your Own

The Bachelorette Wedding Tradition And How To Make It Your Own

7 Bachelorette Party Ideas And How To Make Them Your Own

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There are wedding traditions you may want to continue, but there might be things, such as the bachelorette party that you still want to include but perhaps in a non-traditional sort of way. 

Planning your wedding is going to be such a memorable time in your life. Not only are you planning the day that you get to marry your soul mate and best friend, but you also get the opportunity to be creative and bring a vision you may have had stored in your mind since you were a little girl to live. It gives you the chance to flex those creative muscles, decide upon how you want things, and stick with the traditions or go against the grain.

Creating a Bachelorette Party and making it your own

Not all of us want a bachelorette night out that involves drinking too much alcohol or getting dressed up. Not all of us want something quieter and underrated. We are all completely different and in turn, may have completely different ideas on how we want to spend an evening or day with our closest girlfriends celebrating the fact you are entering married life. I wanted to share with you some of the ways that you could make your bachelorette your own making, suggestions on what you might want to do, or how you want to spend the time. I hope it gives you some inspiration if you are looking for an alternative way to celebrate. 

The Bachelorette Wedding Tradition And How To Make It Your Own

Organise a party at your home

Who says you need to go out for your bachelorette or hen party? You could have a party at home and still have a lot of fun. This gives you full control when it comes to the planning side of things, and also the chance to make it your own. A party at home could be a small intimate affair, a garden party, or something more formal like a dinner party. You get to choose what is happening and when. Brides also like this option as it is a little more relaxed, especially being in their home environment. 

Think about doing something completely different 

Potentially you can do what you want when it comes to your bachelorette party, so why stick with tradition or things that would be classed as normal ideas when you can think outside of the box and do something different? Maybe you like the idea of having a smaller group of friends and taking on different challenges. An adventure course in a forest or being locked away in a panic or escape room where you have to figure things out. Your bachelorette party can be exactly what you want it to be and more. You just need to think about the things that you would enjoy doing and take it from there. 

Use the time to get creative with wedding decorations

Perhaps partying is not your thing at all. Maybe you had all of that fun Ian your younger years and now just want it to focus on the upcoming wedding and the event itself. But you can still enjoy some time with your closest friends and family and what better way than to have a night at home getting creative with your wedding decorations, preparing wedding favours or putting together your homemade invites. It not only gives you that time with your girlfriends but also your being productive in the process. A win-win situation. 

Have a more close-knit affair

Some people use their bachelorette parties as a chance to have another big event ahead of their wedding day. This can often mean that they book exciting trips away for weekends or a full-on vacation somewhere. It could involve a huge group of people, but for some, that might not be the ideal way to go. You can still enjoy a weekend away or a vacation, but you could make it a more close-knit affair. Perhaps only having a small group of you going away instead? It could help to keep costs down as well as enable you to enjoy your surroundings. 

The Bachelorette Wedding Tradition And How To Make It Your Own

Enjoy a meal out or an afternoon tea somewhere exciting

Maybe you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, and why not? So perhaps a lavish meal o0ut at your favourite restaurant or something Michelin starred that you have been wanting to try is right up your street? A bachelorette party doesn’t need to be something that goes on all night, a simple meal celebrating can be enough for you. You could also think about something like an afternoon tea, making the whole thing a little less formal. 

Indulge in an afternoon at a spa

Wedding planning can be stressful so why not use your bachelorette party as a chance to relax and unwind from the stress? An afternoon at the spa could be one of the best things to consider when it comes to a bachelorette party. In fact, some people have a spa afternoon as well as a bachelorette party just because it can be the ideal method of relaxation. A spa afternoon could also be good as part of the pampering side of things getting you ready for your wedding day. 

Have your friends organise something special 

Finally, some brides-to-be are really not that fussed about a bachelorette party, so if you are open to something, then why not let your friends or your bridesmaids take over the planning. Maybe they could look at something like cooking a special meal for you, organising a day out somewhere or just taking the organisation side of things away and doing something we have already mentioned without you being involved. A surprise can be a great way to celebrate, and your closest friends should know what you would like to do. 

I hope that this has given you some inspiration on how you can celebrate your bachelorette.