Alternatives to a traditional bouquet toss

Alternatives to a traditional bouquet toss

alternatives to the traditional bouquet toss

Though the bouquet toss is generally considered a standard feature of the wedding reception, many brides may wish to stray from the path a bit and avoid doing it at their weddings. The reasoning for this varies, but usually brides refrain from tossing their bouquets because they are either not featuring a garter toss and want to keep things “even”, or they do not want to damage their bouquets by tossing them.

Fun alternatives to the traditional bouquet toss

If you are looking for alternatives to the traditional bouquet toss, here are a few ideas to try:

alternatives to the traditional bouquet toss

King Cake

Instead of one wedding cake, get two smaller ones and bake a fake wedding ring into each one. The woman who finds the ring in the bride’s cake “wins”!

Another Job For The Flower Girl

Give your flower girl a fun job for the reception! Give her a flower from your bouquet and allow her to choose who to give it to. It will be a sweet way to make her even more involved with the wedding.

Hide And Seek

Instead of the traditional bouquet toss why not have one hidden somewhere in the reception venue? It is a fun game that guests will love playing! Perfect for ages young and old.

Last Couple Wins

Have a special dance in which the couples are whittled down until the couple that has been together the longest remains dancing. Then, award them with the bouquet! It is a nice way to honour marriage and avoids making a showcase of the single guests.

alternatives to the traditional bouquet toss

Worn Shoes

An interesting idea is to have the single female guests write their names on the bottom of the bride’s shoes. After they do that, the bride puts them on and has their first dance with the groom. At the end of the dance, whoever’s name is still the clearest is the “winner”!

Ladies’ Dance

Set aside a special dance just for all of the women at the wedding. It will be a lot of fun, especially if it turns into a sort of dance-off against the men!

Finnish Line

What a terrible pun, and this doesn’t even involve a line. Sorry. This Finnish wedding tradition actually involves circles! The bride is blindfolded and placed in the centre of a circle of female guests. The bride revolves in one direction and the guests revolve in the opposite while music plays. When the music ends, whoever is directly in front of the bride is the one to receive the bouquet.

I hope that this gives you some fun alternatives to a traditional bouquet toss that you can consider for your wedding.