Wedding Gifts For Nature Lovers

Wedding Gifts For Nature Lovers

Wedding Gifts For Nature Lovers

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Have a nature lover friend or an outdoorsy couple with a special day coming up? Now to find the perfect gift for the happy couple, that will represent your friendship, as well as their taste in gifts.

This really shouldn’t be that big a task. but here are a few suggestions. to help eliminate some of the shopping frustrations and find a great gift. After all, if they love nature and the great outdoors, you can give them a gift that they can nurture and grow.

Nature lovers are quite a broad term concerning tastes and what it entails. There are many things that some nature lovers might like that others undoubtedly wouldn’t, so choosing a gift for them is by no means an easy thing to do all of the time.

Many of the outdoor gifts that nature lovers will like will depend on the whereabouts and the country you live in and what wildlife there is local that you can see. Also how active the person is might affect some of the gifts you might want to give. For example, you might not want to give your grandmother an abseiling lesson so that she can see rare bird nests up close.

First of all, you should try to establish what aspects of nature they like in particular, for example, their favourite animal or nature activity. For example, if you know someone that likes exotic animals, then a day trip to a zoo or a safari park might be a good gift to give.

Wedding Gifts For Nature Lovers And Outdoorsy Couples

Wedding Gifts For Nature Lovers

A Nature Walk Is An Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift For Active Couples

If you live in a good area for seeing nature in the wild then you could even arrange for a nature walk for the outdoor couple through some woods for example. For some people just being in the outdoors is what they like about nature, for some, it is a particular animal or place that they like the best. This is the perfect wedding gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

Day Trips Make A Unique Wedding Gift

Similarly, there are day trips and road trips that you can easily arrange to see whales or dolphins if you are near the sea. Glass-bottomed boat trips are another good day out that many places offer. They consist of cruising through fairly shallow waters in the bottom section of a boat that has a glass bottom to it, meaning you can see all the coral and different wildlife below you. Because the boat is usually either moving very slowly or is just drifting the fish are also not disturbed by you being there as they can be with whale watching.

A Scuba Diving Or Climbing Course For The Adventurous Couples

Again similar to this theme if the nature lover is quite active then a scuba diving or climbing course can be a good gift idea. Also rafting and canoeing are good examples of this kind of thing. What you can do locally is dependent generally on whereabouts you live and how hot the climate is. This type of gift can let you both get closer to nature through doing them, for example climbing you can see many species that you cant see on the ground.

Wedding Gifts For Nature Lovers

Jewellery For Your Favourite Couple

Another good idea for someone who loves nature is some jewellery made in the image of their favourite aspect of nature. This can be their favourite animal in a brooch or bracelet or even a ring with a piece of preserved natural material inside it. Generally, these are pieces of ancient fern leaves captured in amber, although there are insect ones available as well.

A Camera Or Digital Recorder Make A Great Addition

Something that a lot of people might not think of for a nature lover is either a Polaroid camera or a digital recorder. With either of these, they can capture their favourite natural sights and animals forever. This is particularly a good idea and makes the best gift if the person tends to go on a lot of nature trips either in regards to hiking and the like or even to animal parks or zoos. Furthermore, whenever they use the item to take pictures or film animals they will be reminded of you.

Check The Wedding Gift Registry

The couple has likely registered at multiple wedding registries for their favourite wedding gifts through department-type stores. Purchases can be made at the store or online. Gifts from the couple’s wedding registry can be mailed directly to the address on file with the store on the big day.

As you give wedding presents from the registry, you know for a fact that the couple wants a good quality gift because they asked for it. Weddings are not the time to get fancy and creative with the ultimate wedding gift, the couple is looking to start a life together and kitchen appliances/sheets/towels will be very useful. Call the mothers of the bride or groom to get store registry details or an easy way is to consult the couple’s blog post website.

Wedding Gifts For Nature Lovers

Gift Cards For That Special Occasion

If you cannot decide on a particular item or are short on time, give the couple a gift card to the stores on their registry. This will give the couple the freedom to buy items that were not purchased from the registry or that they forgot to add to the wedding registry. Some couples request gift cards towards their honeymoon destination, which you know will be put to use right away for great fun and quality time.

Cash Sometimes Is A Great Idea And The Best Option

the final option as you give wedding gifts this year is to give the couple cash inside of an appropriate, delightful card. Although cash may not seem personal, the couple will greatly appreciate your generosity. Cash allows for the greatest flexibility for the couple and oftentimes propels a couple towards a good financial start. Some couples use cash from weddings towards a first home down payment.

Great Wedding Gifts For Outdoor Use In Gardening And Nature-Loving Couples

If they are true nature lovers, then you may have an idea of the different thoughtful gifts that would appeal to them, for their yard, around their pool area, for a trellis, or over the top of a fence. Or ground cover for the bare spot they have been trying to hide.

The possibilities also exist once you come over with your gift of tidying that you may inspire your friend into creating an entirely new area, or add to an existing one.

Either way, I am sure your gift will be greatly appreciated. Besides your gift will be something that will be around for a long while, for them to enjoy.

Wedding Gifts For Nature Lovers

There Is A Myriad Of Ideas You Can Come Up With

From small trees, bushes, and shrubs to anything that flowers in sun or shade. Adding a new tree or plant in your backyard, can transform a blank space into a beautiful new view or add to an outdoor space that can become a new living space for the whole family to enjoy.

Maybe they already have an ongoing planting project, If that’s the case, well that just made your job a lot easier. Then all you have to do is be a little bit sneaky, enough so that you may get the names of different things they have purchased and may need more of. Such as bushes around the pool area or several new clumps of tall zebra grass, as a backdrop for a new scene.

At local retailers, such as your favourite hometown nursery, or greenhouse. You can purchase several items to choose from, during all the different planting seasons.

If you don’t want to buy the eco-friendly couple a plant or tree as a perfect present, you can always go to your little off-the-wall stores and find different things that are made from natural plant products. Or just things to enjoy in the yard while they enjoy nature in all, its glory.

There are several different types of items for outdoor activities you can choose from, from big things to small things. You will be surprised if you look around a bit, at the items you may find.

Examples are birdhouses, bird feeders, flower trellis, whimsical yard ornaments, catchy phrase signs, and tools to make gardening easier. The ideas are endless, with some careful thought and you will be able to come up with just the right gift for even the pickiest of people to buy for.

This particular topic allows you an even wider variety of avenues to choose from, so happy hunting. Beware of the hunting trip tough, you may find yourself purchasing several things, once you get going on your quest.

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