Best Man At A Wedding? 6 Ideas For A Stag Everyone Will Be Talking About

Best Man At A Wedding? 6 Ideas For A Stag Everyone Will Be Talking About

6 Ideas For A Stag Everyone Will Be Talking About

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Are you looking for ideas for a stag that everyone will remember and be talked about for years to come? You’ve come to the right place!

So your friend is getting married and he asked you to be the best man. The main priority is the stag do right? But you don’t want to do something that everyone does. Your friend deserves to be sent off to married life in style. Here are a few ideas for a stag night that will make the stag event one to remember. 

6 ideas for a stag everyone will love

A day at the races 

Why not go with a day at the races. This could be a great thing for a big group of you to do. The only organising it requires is the tickets and travel and that is it. You could look into one of the races festivals like the Cheltenham festival and make a few days of it. Or stick with a one-day thing at Ascot or Aintree. What’s different is that you can all look dapper in suits and have an enjoyable time in good company. Who doesn’t enjoy a little flutter on the horses?

6 Ideas For A Stag Everyone Will Be Talking About

A day or weekend at a theme park

If some of your friends are big kids at heart, then embrace that and spend the stag party at a theme park. Again something like this doesn’t require too much organisation. Just tickets and potential transport. But it could be a lot of fun and something different. You could consider places like Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The beauty of this kind of destination means you could turn the stag party into a stag weekend and have a night out

A trip abroad

Turning your friend’s stag party into a weekend abroad might not be for everyone. But is guaranteed to make it a memorable one. You could consider places like Amsterdam or Barcelona. If you are quite an organised type, you could coincide the trip abroad with an event like a Christmas market or Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. However, if a sunny escape is more up your friend’s street, there is nothing wrong with considering a holiday to Majorca, Ibiza, or even Las Vegas to get the party started. 

A pampering session 

Spa days aren’t just for women you know. If your friends are keen on looking after themselves and taking some time out then why not consider a spa day for some male bonding. Manicures and pedicures are big for men these days. It will be one of the memorable ideas for a stag for the ones that aren’t in touch with their feminine side; that is for sure. 

6 Ideas For A Stag Everyone Will Be Talking About

Driving experience 

You could book a driving experience for you and your mates. You could look into a race car experience or perhaps something more adventurous like off-roading. These types of things are for the adrenalin junkie. Coincide it with a few drinks in the evening and it could make for a perfect stag event. 

Assault course

If your friends are more into their fitness then perhaps an assault course competition could be just the ticket to get everyone up for a laugh. You can do different types of courses, for example, an army style. 

Hopefully, these ideas for a stag night/party will help you on your quest to give everyone a night to remember. Whatever you decide to organise for the future groom I’m sure it will be just what he wants.  Happy planning!