Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas

Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas

Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas

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Although a wedding ring worn on the “ring” finger of the left hand is the traditional symbol of marriage, you don’t have to wear a ring to honour your spouse and your vows. Whether a medical reason excludes you from wearing a ring, your profession keeps you from regularly wearing a ring or you simply dislike the look or feel of rings, you can find alternative engagement rings that fit your taste and lifestyle. So here are a few wedding ring alternatives to traditional rings.

A Necklace Is A Great Option For An Alternative Bride

If you’re not against wearing jewellery, a wedding necklace can be just as meaningful as a wedding ring. A wedding necklace can be anything you desire to represent your love. Soldering a comfortable fit band in a gold chain so that the ring sits flat against your chest. Engraving a pendant with your wedding date or designing matching necklaces are also alternatives to the traditional wedding ring.

A Watch Is A Perfect Alternative And A Little Different

With a wedding watch, the jewellery on your wrist will do more than just keep time; it will be a meaningful symbol of your marriage. For added bling, choose a watch with a diamond or two on the faceplate. For a truly original look, work with a jeweller to create a custom watch face. Your spouse can engrave any real metal watch with a special wedding message. A pocket watch is also another alternative that can easily be engraved and personalized.

Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas
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Tattoo wedding ring band

Men who work with their hands may not want to wear a metal band. There are some non-metal men’s wedding rings he can wear. Forever.

One option for him is not to wear a wedding ring. The bride may not be fond of this idea, especially for the wedding ceremony. Fortunately, there are alternatives to metal wedding rings. If you think wearing any wedding ring band is too dangerous for your line of work, check the tattoo wedding ring band option.

Corian Men’s Alternative Wedding Rings

The groom may appreciate a non-metal wedding ring band made of corian. Corian is used primarily in countertops. It comes in a variety of colours at a fraction of the cost, including different tones of grey and blue, white, greens, and tans. Some have speckled features and designs.

These Corian men’s wedding rings may be found on Esty.

Wood Men’s Wedding Rings Are A Great Alternative

A good choice is a band made from wood. There are eternity bands made from reclaimed wood, if you are looking for an eco-friendly option. Wood rings are made from many types of wood including Blue Sprue, Birch, Juniper, Oak, Walnut, and more.

Wood wedding rings may also be made with combined wood grains, for decorative effect. Others combine wood with metal, which may look good, but defeats the purpose of having a non-metal ring.

Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas
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Hematite Men’s Wedding Rings Is A Great Piece Of Jewellery

For the shine without the metal, opt for a hematite wedding ring band for the groom. Hematite is a stone that looks like metal and can be dark grey.

Some hematite jewellery is magnetic, be aware of that if you purchase this non-metal ring for a man who works with these hands. Typically hematite rings are labelled as magnetic or non-magnetic.

Tattoo Men’s Wedding Rings Make Unique Wedding Bands

Yes, a wedding tattoo of a ring on a man’s left-hand ring finger would be permanent. Since marriage is supposed to be permanent, this seems like a logical choice for a non-metal wedding ring for some men.

Men who like tattoos, edgy men, artists and musicians, and other men may be open to the idea of a tattoo wedding band as an alternative to a metal ring. He wouldn’t have to worry about it getting caught in anything, being annoyed by a piece of jewellery, or being concerned about losing it.

Eco-Friendly Rings Are Great Alternative Wedding Bands To Show Eternal Love

If you’re an eco-friendly and woodsy couple, you’ll find nirvana in biodegradable wedding rings. Celebrate your love for both your spouse and Mother Nature by opting for wooden bands. Generally, simple wooden bands are not available in jewellery stores. Consider hiring a local woodworker or artisan to create your wooden wedding bands. Alternatively, you can pass your project along to an independent artist on to custom-create your ring. They’re often willing to create several design concepts for you to choose from, at affordable prices.

Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas
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Forget Me Not As Wedding Ring Replacement Ideas

What could be more romantic than a ring that ties the knot? Romantic couples are in for a treat with the Forget Me Not ring. The ring was conceived by the old practice of tying a knot with a piece of string around your finger to remember something of importance. When used as a wedding band, the “something of importance” to remember is to always love, cherish and never take each other for granted, even when the marriage faces turbulent times. The ring is designed by Kiel Mead of the Ministry of the Interior and is available in sterling silver and platinum.

Engraving With A Twist For Unique Wedding Rings

Engraving the inside of your wedding band is common. Traditionally, the inside of your wedding ring is engraved with your wedding date or a special loving message. Make a bold statement by changing the placement by choosing to engrave the exterior of your wedding ring with a special message.

This is an option for those that aren’t so bold as to simply engrave your wedding date on the exterior of your wedding ring. However, a bolder option is to engrave a word that describes your marriage, such as Love, Nirvana, Complete or Eternal. To further emphasize the boldness of this ring, opt for a non-traditional wedding band, such as a hammered sterling silver band made by a local artisan. is filled with artisans from all over the globe ready to create your custom-made band.

Wedding Band Ideas And Unique Engagement Rings

While a simple gold band is a classic choice for a wedding ring, there are many other options open to you. Choose a wedding band that reflects your taste and your relationship. A simple ring may not be elaborate enough for your taste, or you may feel that you would like to get away from traditional symbols of matrimony, so choose a unique wedding band that suits you and your significant other.

Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas
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Different Types Of Gold As A Symbol Of Commitment And A Traditional Look

While yellow gold rings are common, you can also choose wedding rings that are made out of other types of gold. White gold, which is gold that is mixed with silver or palladium, has a silvery shine, while rose gold has a rosy pink hue that comes from mixing pure gold with copper. If you like the shape of the standard wedding ring but do not care for the strong yellow or yellow gold, choose a wedding ring that uses a different sort of gold.

Claddagh Rings As Wedding Band Alternatives

A Claddagh ring is a ring that features two hands holding a crowned heart. The Claddagh ring derives its name from the village of Claddagh in Ireland. It symbolizes love and friendship reigning supreme over adversity. The Claddagh ring is an ideal choice if you like the elaborate detailing on the hands, heart, and crown, and if you do not care for the look of gems on your rings. The Claddagh ring also recalls Celtic art, and it suits couples who have a tie to Celtic history.

Flat Bands For Alternative Engagement Ring Styles And Beautiful Options

Unlike traditional wedding bands, which have a half-dome rise from the interior of the band, a flat band wedding ring has a rectangular cross-section. The edges are typically slightly rounded for comfort, but overall, this band sits very close to the hand, reducing the ring’s profile. Flat band rings are often decorated with motifs like braids, hearts, or other small figures, and you can choose one with a design that fits your marriage.

Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas
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Two-Tone Rings Are Non-Traditional Wedding Rings

For a more varied look, choose two-toned rings. Two-toned rings are rings made with two different types of gold, and they have two layers of colour on the surface of the ring. For example, you can have a two-tone ring with yellow gold and rose gold or with white gold and rose gold. If you would like an even more elaborate look, choose a ring that has all three colours in narrow bands. This type of ring stands apart from the ordinary but retains the materials and shape of a traditional gold wedding band.

According to the Bridal Association of America, there are more than 2.2 million weddings a year. With more than four million people saying their wedding vows, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of cookie-cutter weddings. Make your wedding distinctively yours by opting for alternative wedding ring ideas that are injected with a strong punch of personality and personal style.