Alternative bachelor party ideas

Alternative bachelor party ideas

Alternative Bachelor Party Ideas | people silhouette during sunset

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There are many solutions for alternative bachelor party ideas the resourceful best man if the groom isn’t interested in a night of intemperance. With a little imagination and a little planning, you’ll end up with a day that’s memorable for the groom and worry-free for the bride. Try something different; you may be pleasantly surprised.

Bachelor parties aren’t parties anymore. In 1984, Tom Hanks made bachelor parties infamous with his starring role as Rick Gassko. Hanks’ cohorts plan the ultimate bachelor party for their betrothed friend. The night includes a bus, lots of booze, a hotel room, and women.

This comedic adventure unfolds with problems from the beginning. The movie reaches its peak in action when Hanks’ fiancé, Tawny Kitaen, arrives at the scene. The party is eventually forgotten, Hanks is eventually forgiven, and the wedding happens as planned.

Bachelor parties today, however, tend to last more than just a few hours, and the trouble that follows can be much worse.

The bachelor party isn’t just for drunken debauchery anymore. Sure, scantily-dressed women and intoxicated men are a time-honoured tradition, but many grooms-to-be prefer something a little less spirited. In fact, quite a few men will tell you it’s not the party they want, but the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family.

Mostly, bachelor parties get a bad reputation. Guys want to celebrate their buddy’s special occasion. They also want a reason to feel like they are 21 or 22 again. Guys want to remove themselves from the monotony, not monogamy, of their daily lives for a day or night or maybe even a weekend.

Contrary to popular belief, guys aren’t stupid enough to do something to jeopardise their relationship on what night of idiocy. And, the guys that are probably aren’t engaged. Guys also don’t have to go out for a crazy night on the town to celebrate a bachelor party either.

This is especially true for men over the age of 30. When asked if they preferred the traditional stag party or a more tasteful alternative, men polled via an Internet bulletin board gave answers consistent with their age group. The under-30 crowd showed a preference for strippers and shots, while men over 30 wanted a more low-key celebration. If the local nudie bar isn’t your idea of an enjoyable stag party, fear not; there are plenty of options out there.

Alternative bachelor party ideas

Alternative Bachelor Party Ideas | four men seated on rocks facing a mountain
Four men seated on rocks facing a mountain

Dinner And A Roast

Many restaurants have a backroom they’re happy to rent out for smaller, more private affairs. Why not consider a nice steak dinner and a roast of the groom? Sort of a humorous game of This is Your Life. All of the guests can take turns saying telling funny stories about the groom. Add a slide show or other visual aids, and hilarity will ensue.

Spend Some Time In The Great Outdoors

If the guest of honour is an outdoorsman, there’s a multitude of possibilities. For instance, you can charter a fishing boat. What’s more relaxing than a day at sea? Good food, good drink (which can be either catered or brought in from home), and good company will be remembered for years to come. You may even come home with dinner.

A camping or cabining weekend will provide plenty of chances for male bonding. Who knows how many weekends with the guys will happen after the wedding?


Fishing trips, golf outings or trips, or weekend trips to see a local sports team travel are great ideas for bachelor party getaways. They are probably also much less stressful. No worrying if John will make it back to the limo or if Tim is going to start a fight.

Plus, if you go fishing or golfing, who says you have to be up at 7:00 am to do so. Plan and call ahead. Get late tee times or charter afternoon/evening cruises. This way, you can still stay up late discussing the shot of the day, catch of the day, or the one that got away and not worried about getting up. Not to mention, when your buddy leaves the pictures from Your bachelor party on the table, you won’t have to worry about your fiancé finding anything except your trophy.

alternative bachelor party ideas | man in a purple t-shirt with a blue backpack sitting on grey boulder
Man in a purple t-shirt with a blue backpack sitting on a grey boulder

Rock Climbing Or Other Athletic Activities

If the groom is into athletics, a day of physical activity might be just the ticket to a good time. Coordinate a football game or a softball match. Not only will everyone get a good workout, but if they work up a good appetite, you can follow the event with a barbecue or picnic.

Treat the groom to a cattle drive or other adventurous weekend if money is no object. Trail riding, dog sledging, backpacking, white water rafting etc. the possibilities are endless. If the groom enjoys activities that would make lesser men squirm, he can be treated to bungee jumping, hang gliding, or parachuting.

Have A Cookout

The groom-to-be, all of his male friends, and his male family members could gather at one house for a cookout. If alcohol is the major beverage of choice, everyone could BYOB (bring your own beer or beverage). Everyone could bring a slice of different meat to slap on the grill and spend the night eating, drinking, and talking about subjects most women have no interest in talking about.

Out To The Ballgame

All of the guys could go to their favourite game. It could be a football game, baseball game, or hockey game. A lot of women aren’t really interested in attending a game of any kind, so the guys can take advantage of this time to do something they enjoy doing without the ladies being around to put a damper on their night out.

alternative bachelor party ideas | people watching soccer game
People watching a football match

Play Pool Or Darts

If you really enjoy the bar scene, all of the guys could choose to go to a bar that has pool tables or dartboards. They could have a pool tournament amongst themselves or challenge each other to a game of darts, still be able to get drunk if they want, and have fun doing something that most ladies aren’t really interested in doing.

Gamble A Little And Take In A Race

Most cities have at least one gambling casino, and some casinos have a horse and/or dog track. Have all the guys get together at a casino, do some gambling where maybe the groom-to-be can win some extra money for the honeymoon, eat and drink until they can’t eat or drink anymore, and maybe watch the horse or dog races.

The groom’s friends and family don’t have to spend a lot of money to have an enjoyable time, either. Cigar bars, wine or beer tastings, pool halls, and sporting events all provide tasteful bachelor party alternatives. A Golf outing, paintball match, or even a good old-fashioned poker game is an appropriate idea.