How to have an amazing wedding on a small budget

How to have an amazing wedding on a small budget

How to have an amazing wedding on a small budget

Guest article submitted by Karen Hackman from Money and Marriage

Social media and glossy magazines have a lot to answer for. The wonderful pictures of the beautiful wedding venues, stylish wedding flowers and the fantastic outfits are all wonderful but push us towards the comparison game. We have to remember that we’re not all starting from the same place financially. 

If you can afford to spend thousands of pounds, that’s great! However, for most of us, that’s just not possible.

When we got married, my husband was a youth worker and I was a new teacher, so spending hundreds of thousands wasn’t an option. Our budget was £3000 and that was ok.  It wasn’t flashy or fancy, but it was our day and we made it special in our own way.

Let me tell you how! 

Ways to organise a wedding on a small budget

How to have an amazing wedding on a small budget

Set a budget

It seems that weddings are a license to print money! Before you even start looking around, be sure to set your budget. Calculate how much you can afford so that you can plan accordingly.

Prioritise your spending

What are non-negotiables for you? If you’d like my advice, don’t skimp on the photographer or videographer. We did and that’s one of our regrets. 

As a couple, discuss what’s important to you both and ensure that these are covered. 

Trim the Guest List

I remember that my husband gave me a list of 250 people that he wanted to invite to the wedding! We cut that down! The higher the number of guests, the more expensive and stressful it becomes. 

I advise asking people you really want there, not people you haven’t seen or heard from in years. 

Find an affordable venue

For many weddings, the venue could be your biggest expense. However, it doesn’t have to be. We got married in our Church and had the venue in my school hall! Not glamorous at all but friends decorated it well and it worked! I am sure that, once you get thinking, there may be cheaper alternatives for your venue too. Friends of ours had their party in the parents’ garden. For sure, it was a lovely-sized garden and they decorated it beautifully! 

How to have an amazing wedding on a small budget

Save on food and drinks

We got married at 3pm, this saved on providing lunch! We had a finger buffet and there was plenty of food, no one went hungry. It was a lot cheaper than putting on a three-course banquet.

Cut hair and make-up costs

I was very fortunate and had a good friend who could help with hair and make-up for myself and the bridesmaids. If you haven’t got anyone that you could call upon, then reach out to a local hairdressing or beauty therapy training school. They may offer special deals. 

Shop for a wedding dress on a budget

Specialist dress suppliers are not the only place to look for your wedding dress. Many high street department stores have a great selection of evening wear that may work. Charity shops and sites such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Vintage may have exactly what you’re looking for at a fraction of the cost!  Worth a try! 

Turn to talented friends and family

Does your wedding list include a talented baker, florist, or seamstress? If yes, ask them to help you cut costs by giving them your time rather than buying you a wedding gift. 

Can you get married mid-week?

You can get married for a lot less by choosing a weekday! You can often get 50% or more off if you are prepared to get married mid-week! 

How to have an amazing wedding on a small budget

A Beautiful Wedding on a Budget Is Possible

Always remember: Your wedding is about you, your future spouse, and your marriage. Your wedding is one day so try not to lose sight of what truly matters. 

You could spend thousands of pounds on your wedding and be in debt. That’s no way to start off your married life. It is far more important to spend the day celebrating your marriage with friends and close family and not have the burden of debt hanging over you. 

Take it from me, it is possible to have a stylish, beautiful wedding that is affordable. When I look through our wedding photos, I see smiles and laughter and love, and that’s what we will always remember. 

Many congratulations to you both and your future together. May your lives be budget-friendly, debt-free and very, very happy! 

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